how does a left / liberal / dravidian public(!) intellectual(!!) cope (=🐍😠😭) with gujarat 2022 legislative assembly election results?

December 10, 2022


In a delightful variety of ways – anger, mourning, moaning & cursing included.

In general, blaming their favourite bee-on-the-bonnet: ‘Hindutva’

Going into specifics, now…

“EVM hacking!”

“Institutional changes have distorted elections, but only LeLi-ism steered by us can fight distortions!”

“They are not expressions of popular will!”

“This is not an election at all!”

“These are ‘elections.’ Not elections.”

“Gujaratis are Hindu bigots!”

“Intelligence levels of Gujjus is low!”

“But, BJP lost in Himachal Pradesh! Ha!!”

“Vote-share way of looking at elections in HP is incorrect; but we should look at the same in Gujarat because BJP is ruling at the Centre!”

“AAP’s 13% vote share in Gujarat is what is MORE important than the mere victory of BJP there!”

“But, a lot of Muslims didn’t vote for Modi!”

“Muslims of Gujarat weren’t allowed to vote!”

“Ayyo! Ethnic cleansing project will start now, Argh! Muslims will be chased out of Gujarat now!”

“What else can one expect from the Hindutva laboratory?”

“What about 2002? What about 1991?”

“BJP tried a lot & yet could not win Municipal Elections in Delhi. After taking so much trouble and engineering to merge the councils. All the money from hamare do, muscle, ground staff from RSS and optics went waste.”

“Delhi municipal elections are way more important the Gujarat elections!

“Ambani Adanis have financed the money flows therefore winning was easy for Modi!”

“AAP is the B team of BJP in Gujarat!”

“Traditional Hindu voters of Congress were brainwashed into voting for BJP instead!”

“You Brahmins and Baniyas have successfully conspired to install Modi’s puppets in Gujarat!”

“What is the use of merely winning in Gujarat State? Intellectuals and Film actors are all against Hindutva. Look at what Swara Bhaskar says…”

“Wait for few years. BJP will turn into a regional party with its presence only in Gujarat.”

…these kinds of mind-numbing takes & comments go on and on and on… And believe me, I have NOT made up any of these sadnesses – fact is that, either I ‘came to know’ of them or they were actually said to me.

And none of the exalted commentators was even willing to admit that, considering the scale of operations and structural issues – the elections have been conducted in a free & fair manner – and that, Bharat (essentially the common folks) chooses its leaders in a democratic way – given the constraints of voter apathy, systematic disinformation and all that…


But, why do the LeLi scumbags behave the way they do?

…Once upon a time, I used to think that, reasonably intelligent & knowledgeable (& privileged LeLi) folks – revise their opinions when contrarian evidences crop up.

But, I was clearly mistaken. So, based on available (mostly first-hand – not anecdotal drivel and not from my ‘Taxi Driver’) evidence, I have revised my opinions more than two decades ago.

But till recently, say even uptill 2018 – I was under the mistaken impressions that, since people do have a ‘right to their opinion’ whether or not they are informed/ignorant:

A. They hate BJP or what it stands for – for purely political or imagined reasons.

B. They hate Modi / RSS for various reasons – for which they may have their own illogical/logical reasons & rationalizations.

C. They hate Hinduism AKA Sanatan Dharma, for whatever Macaulayist reasons or Maoist ones…

D. They hate the idea of ‘Bharat’ – for whatever reason, say, like they hate ‘patriotism’ or ‘nationalism.’

But, I have not been correct here too, alas…

The actual reason why they do those is actually they hate the common people of India.

Entities and individuals like Modi, Annamalai, BJP, RSS are but seen as symbols & proxies for the aspirations of the common people of India…

They therefore feel that, the common people need to be controlled.

They hate them from the bottom-of-their heart – and have nothing but contempt and derision for the common people of India.

Their internalized ideology is that, ‘common Indians do NOT deserve anything good’ and that, ‘any good, can only come from the high-brow classes that are like them, the LeLis.’ (Left-Liberals, I mean – the comprador intellectuals)

Macaulay will indeed be happy about these classes of elite sipahis.


These predatory comprador elite (or eco-system or ‘establishment’ if you will) lack even a semblance of epistemic humility – and hence define the core of what is ‘cancel culture.’

They suffer from a terrible case of FOOL(meaning Fear Of Others’ Liberty) – since they feel that (as the only anointed folks) they are the ‘God’s own gift to the mankind.’ They think that the world cannot survive if everyone else just goes about their normal business and makes the best of their lives & liberties – without causing harm to others, while maximizing their potential and exercising their democratic choices.

The FOOLists think that, instead, the liberty of others need to be curtailed/censored for the latter’s own good. Oh the “you don’t know any better, sonny” condescension. Oh the LeLi-man’s burden, which is but a faithful replica of the world famous ‘Whiteman’s burden…’

One wishes it had stopped at the levels of cabals of individual LeLis. But it does not.


FOOL itself becomes the core of a predatory ideology, when the FOOLists garner sufficient strength (via symbiotic mechanisms & networks) in the NGOs, Media, Govt & the Judiciary – the works – or in general, the ‘Establishment.’

As this poisonous ‘ideology’ has a significant FOOL component, a systematic practitioner of it becomes Totalitarian – and colonizes the arena of the common-man – like the ‘wokes’ who push for their version of totalitarianism via critical theories. Indian examples of FOOLists would be our lovely LeLis, Dravidians, Bheemboys, Jihadis, Evangelicals…

To summarize:

The FOOList LeLis+ do & think the way they do, because, they have nothing but contempt for the general population, its values & mores – its traditions & aspirations…

(IIRC, it was Richard Hanania who used this ‘FOOL’ acronym some time ago, but for the life of me, I could not find the reference)


George Orwell on Indian Intellectuals [as a class]

“…What sickens me about left-wing people, especially the intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happen.” (Diaries – George Orwell)

“…smelly little orthodoxies which are now contending for our souls…” (Charles Dickens – George Orwell)

George Orwell is so, so on the dot with LeLi ‘intellectuals’ of India.

“…the basic fact about nearly all Indian intellectuals is that they don’t expect independence, can’t imagine it & at heart don’t want it. They want to be permanently in opposition, suffering a painless martyrdom & are foolish enough to imagine …that they could play the same schoolboy games…

…’opposition mentality’ is general among them, especially among the Communists…tinged with a western Socialist outlook, so that the Indian intellectuals proper are probably far worse…” (George Orwell (4th March, 1942 diary entry))


Let us know and understand our LeLi ‘intellectuals’ – their scummy internals & polished facades…


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  1. Muthukumar Says:

    It is time to go ahead further with Arjuna eye
    Ignoring this “act sleep” F bugs
    Waiting for the book hindutva…

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