the way my hare-brain works (or goes berserk)

December 7, 2022

Twitter is full of wisdom, timewasters & what not. But it is delightful to the extent that I can appreciate it, though often times, I tweet to amuse myself rather than anything else, the incorrigible self-love that I am fool of. I-Me-Myself doesn’t even begin to describe my obsession with myself. Yes.

Okay, enough of a preamble. And, for those sovereign secular socialist democratic repubics, this will do. Anyway.

A couple of months back, there was an interesting exchange about Annadurai ‘Anna’ on Twitter, that launched a thousand hate-tweets & rabid-rants against Badri Seshadri.

He committed no crime and made a very fair observation, but it got on the nerves of the dravidian bigots. But that is only incidental to this preposterous post – because this is about a tweet reply to the thread.

Now comes my fairly offending (or seemingly nonsensical) tweet:

Whole context here. Traverse up first read the whole bunch, if you must – and read the one below the linked tweet.

Wot? Dravada in a gadaa da vida? Kya hua tera vada?? May be that’s how it became an official religion of Srilanka, denying idli to the death-cultte.

It is easy to under-rate Anna; Kanninganna was he, Tolstoy would agree. At least EVR was blunt, non-layered. But, Herpestologist?

At least one asked, ‘what the hell do I mean by that?’ – but there were a few more, which I didn’t feel like responding to, then. But am doing it now and hope those blokes who DM’d me asking for clarifications/konar-notes get to read this longform annotation.


Annotations & Notes follow:

(you need to connect various ideas in the above tweet; remember? – you (meaning not all of you, but those offenders who asked for ‘clarifications’) literally asked for it. It is all about laboured & arbitrary pun and somewhat linear, linked list connections, sort of…)

‘Wot?’ = What?

‘Dravada’ is a morph of Dravida, vada connection happening because of ‘Suren’ @zeneraalstuff’s reference to it.

‘in a gadda da vida’ follows(!) because of the the ‘da vida’ there. (it is a rock classic by the band ‘Iron Butterfly,’ of 1968 – – means ‘in the garden of life’ or something; incidentally, it is also a, much watered-down, abridged (but a racy, funked up) version of the same song, by that pop group, BoneyM)

‘Kya hua tera vada’ – is a hindi pop/fillum maudlin song which translates to ~’What happened to your promise’ – but the connector here is ‘vada.’

Now, take that ‘tera vada.’ Which is ~Theravada, a form/school of Buddhism. Ta da!

Now ‘May be that’s how it became an official religion of Srilanka,’ can be very easily linked.

Now the story goes that, in Srilanka, there is supposed to be this ‘Simhalese Chauvinism’ –  Buddhist extremism. And that, it is against Tamil extremism; say, the LTTE scum.

Also, Vada goes with Idli. But Idli is denied to Tamils. (Idli gelling with ‘Tamil Identity,’ whatever the fuck that is)

‘denying idli to the death-cultte.’

LTTE is a Death Cult. Note the reference to the scum in ‘cuLTTE.’

My point is that, Anna (as in CN Annadurai, the Dravidian Bigot) was also a split-tongued venomous snake.

‘It is easy to under-rate Anna; Kanninganna was he, Tolstoy would agree.’

Anna Karenina was written by Tolstoy. Anna was a Cunning guy/politician across axes. There is also some random rhyme & wordplay(!). Sorry.

‘At least EVR was blunt, non-layered.’

EVR Periyar was a buffoon & a brute, but he was WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get; his rabidity, hate, imbecility, uncleanliness etc, ALL were /are out in the open.

You don’t have to peel him to understand his context, so he is not ‘layered.’

‘But, Herpestologist?’

My point is that, Anna was/is not only split tongued poisonous snake, but also was a Specialist on rearing such Snakes. (meaning, the other Dravidians like Karunanidhi et al)

But he was/is not merely Herpetologist, as it should have been. But also has an add-on bonus as in Herpes – which could be a form/result of a Venereal/Sexually Transmitted Disease. (Recollect that, Anna was given to philandering and ‘enjoying women.’)

You may recollect that, in those days STD would also ring a bell, of course. But, Anna as a true-blood Dravidian, would have referred to a belle, instead.


End of story.


Some tweets could be animated by a desperate urge to connect random things, and help basking in reflected glory.

ps: Sorry, for having put you you thru that tweet once, and again with this bleddy & thoroughly useless explanation.

3 Responses to “the way my hare-brain works (or goes berserk)”

  1. K.Muthuramskrishnan Says:

    The பாப்பானைத்திட்டு posting I shared in FB. Only 2 had dared to mark a like.

    This Konar notes gives some clarity to my moronic brain.

    • Sir, didn’t realize that you are also a fine, self-deprecating kind of Fisherman.

      And, since you were fishing, would say that likes, shares & retweets are not really a great reflection of reality or your worth – I know you are doing a great service otherwise, in terms of ‘school education’ and ‘care of the elderly.’

      All I can ‘advise’ is: Do stay clear of riffraff like me, and your ‘likes’ may go up.

  2. Harish Says:

    I have heard about intertextuality. But this is inter-hyper-nested-recursive-textuality sir.

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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