I don’t normally participate in formal social gatherings and avoid like the plague, the ‘spiritual’ get-togethers – especially the ones that proclaim to teach some particular species of meditation or healing or, oh well, even the nirvana, if you will. There is no major reason for it, apart from perhaps a very personal and an intense sociopathic attitude.

Probably I am yet to grow up, and am childishly & endlessly curmudgeonly – these are very valid explanations too, I agree.

But, a few years back, I attended a gathering (of some good souls, many of whom happened to be thoroughbred Gandhians – except one, you know who that was) and there was this oddball chittering NRI (or was she a RNI?) young lady who kept looking at me, me with my flowing beard, unkempt hair, hardcore Tamil ‘saambaarrrr’ accent,  faded TShirt, tasteless jokes and a sagely pretension – lost in a reverie.   Read the rest of this entry »

Subsequent to ‘assessment tests for children considered harmful,’ there have been quite a few requests (am surprised about this, I admit) for my list of ‘bibles’ (in my humble opinion) on that beast called education. So, here is the annotated list – for whatever it is worth.
On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 11:18 PM, [name redacted] <[email id redacted]> wrote:
> Could you please send the list of books on how children learn which you had
> mentioned in your latest entry.

Dear [names redacted]:

Hellos from another world. :-) Am really glad that you asked. But, you really asked for it! ;-) Read the rest of this entry »

murder by mnemonic :-(

June 18, 2013

(OR) the mnemonic plague!

Oh well,  (just in case you were wondering what the hell this is!) a mnemonic is a device or a clever way of memorizing or recollecting a set of facts; like, for example – we use the rather sad mnemonic VIBGYOR to ‘remember’ & ‘recollect’ the names of various colours that make up the visible light / spectrum – in terms of their increasing wavelengths – that is, Violet, Indigo … … Red. Read the rest of this entry »

You know what I mean?

You go to his/her place, after getting quite a few repeated invitations – you live (because you chose not to die in the city) in the outskirts of Bangalore, um,  just beyond the hemline to be precise, and so going anyplace means a loooooong drive and lots of initiative.

Even if you muster up sufficient courage and chose to go driving up all the way, your children would chide you for spending so much fuel and for being so environment-unfriendly.  In any case, the family knows how the trip is likely to turn out, how you are going to react etc etc, given their prior experience  of having dealt with you. They say it in so many words. Oh the exacerbationRead the rest of this entry »