the fundamental, relentless nature of ‘like that only’ islam & about which, there should be no complaints from kuf’rs, period (in three simple tweets)

May 23, 2022

A forward, a few instances of which, I received in the past few months:

“Dr. Mumin Ali Ph.D. in Politics, New York University Mar 23 2022

Is there any unbiased source to refer to to learn more about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits?

Originally Answered: Is there any unbiased source to refer to to learn more about the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits?

It was not genocide as per Shar1a and it is the way to ensure peace. In the area where we are the majority, we must force others to either convert to our belief or purge them as per our holy book. Kashmir was a non-believer state once, but people of our religion migrated there, with a high birth rate they became the majority. Then conversion started. Only those who did not convert were killed as per our prophet’s instruction. Our religion is a religion of peace, so to ensure peace, we must remove any other belief which can contradict our belief. That’s what was done in Kashmir and that will happen as more and more areas where we will become the majority. We have to do that to follow our religion. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool and does not understand us.”


I would say, it is fair. And is, an accurate description/articulation supported by Islamic texts, facts & history.


Some three folks who recently sent the screenshot (of which the above is the extracted text), are outraged: “How can this chap with higher education, say stuff like this?”

One of them rather angstily lamented (whined, actually): “Whatever happened to the Spirituality in Islam? Can’t imagine that, after all the great contributions of Sufis towards religious amity, mutual understanding & tolerance – this Hindu-hate is what is at the Core?”


I did not respond to any of them, apart from merely acknowledging the receipt of what they sent.

There is no use responding to willfully ignorant folks who seem to specialize in sentimental nonsense, righteous indignation, moral outrage and/or impotent wails.

I didn’t even tell them that Sufi ‘spiritualism’ is a myth, if not a blatant, unadulterated-lie, and that I have in the past, written a lot about it. I didn’t tell them to read the source texts of Islam (or one its ancestors, Christianity or their ancient forerunner, Akhenaten’s ideas) like the Quran, Sira and at least a few authoritative Hadiths, not even those, many ‘unapproved’ Ahadiths/traditions.

I did not even bother to urge them to read the basic Akhlaq-i Nasiri or a Siasatnama – or about the continuing tradition of Jihad, the constant whitewashing of the terrors of Islam and the omnipresent brainwashing of the average Islamic/Muslim – because, most folks do NOT do ANY homework whatsoever.

At all.

Some of my acquaintances are no exceptions to this general rule. (but they have grand opinions on Elon Musk’s ‘take over’ of Twitter. Oh my!)


So, to the three tweets:

End of story.

End of the fairy-tale of peacefulness of the religion.

Because, the epistemologies are so different between the Umma and the rest of the world of Kuf’rs. The worldviews are almost totally orthogonal to each other. They do not intersect. No catchy & phoney Venn diagrams are possible.

And because: An average momin is doing dawa or extracting jizya or practicing various kinds of Jihad on us Kuf’rs only because he wants to save us Infidels, from the hellfire of jahannum. And, he merely wants the ‘judgement day’ yawm ad-din, to come sooner so that he can enjoy his deal (of 72 hoors/hauris, whatever++) in jannath after the world ends for good, and Allah gives the verdict…

Motivations matter. We should appreciate the average momin’s positive intentions. Don’t you understand?


Post-rant: I still have a few very reasonable friends (incidentally, including Muslims) but my points ares that,

A. It is not anyone’s fault that one is ‘born into a religion’ – that is, one is born into a family that follows a certain religious tradition (for whatever reason) and the child simply follows it; however, that biological accident can always be remedied at a latter point of time, if there is a felt need – because all of us have something called Agency.

B. Of course, no one can be held responsible/accountable for what their ‘ancestors’ did in the past, so Muslims of these days cannot be blamed at all for all the ancestral cultural depredations, destruction of tens of thousands of temples, mass-rapes, slavery, terrible massacres perpetrated on Kuf’rs/Kaafirs/Hindus – but if the later/current generations continue to hold on to the same rabid ideologies and approaches, which catalyzed/propelled their forefathers into committing the most heinous of the bloodthirsty wrongs – and worse still, if they support those evil acts even now, then it is an issue.

Denial of what happened is bad enough (one understands the discomfort, somewhat), but Defense of the terrible (and well documented) atrocities of the Islamic pasts is a double whammy!

C. Worse than that, if the current day Muslims (leave alone, the idiot-LeftLiberals) actively mock those kuf’rs like us, who are merely trying to meaningfully redress (not really avenge those past wanton crimes of the Muslim ancestors, nor really ‘an eye for an eye’ either) and recover our cultural symbols – then it shows & proves very strongly that those current Muslims are still uncivilized & continue to conform to the norms of the desert death-cult; that, there is no progress at all!

D. There is no ‘à la carte’ approach to history, wherein you take what is supposedly ‘pleasing’ and tom-tom it sky-high, and simultaneously deny/lie about the atrocities of the Islamic history of invasions/’rule’ in India (and elsewhere) + brush it under the carpet.

You can’t be proud of how Aurangzeb Alamgir, the Mughal, was an Orthodox Sunni — without factoring in, his terrible Hindu-hate & Islamic-bigotry.

“If history is ploughed into political narrative and the making of identity, then one must be prepared to own, disown, embrace and reject the past accordingly.

…Glorying in one’s natural or adopted ancestors’ accomplishments is understandable, but it has its flip side. It also places on one’s shoulders the onus of the adopted ancestors’ crimes. Insofar as the present generation is willing to glory in a group identity and accept its accomplishments as an extension of the self, they expose themselves to the crimes associated with that group identity as well.”


E. After all this, and continued bloody murders of Hindus for alleged ‘blasphemy,’ stupid mocking of Hindu cultural-religious symbols and all that… there are these deceitful cries of ‘imagined victimhood’ – ‘Muslims are in mortal danger!’ Bah!

I think, these Jihadi Muslims and LeLis have a fertile imagination combined with a terrible bloodthirst. Scum.

F. I personally know of some Muslims (at least knew of) who while loudly complain about blasphemy, ‘musssalmanon kathre me hain’ etc but NEVER criticize their brethren for ANYTHING. Even for heinous crimes & even pettiness. NEVER.

Of course these folks are spineless detritus. Because, to be charitable to them, they are terrified of the backlash from their brothers if they are seen to be against the Umma/Islam – while they continue to merrily comment about the imagined ‘State repression of Muslims in India by BJP-RSS!’ They know there would be no repercussion for the latter. Good for them.

G. Considering everything, there is a significant statistical possibility that there are normal Muslims, who may be normal Bharatiyas for a given value of normal – in the normal circumstances. Actually I have met some members of these sub-species in the past & relate to them. (and please do let me know of any you know, if that sub-species is not already extinct that is, especially in Tamilnadu, thanks! Of course I know of some such good, nice, brave folks like: Arif Aajakia, Rehaan Mir, Sajid Yusuf Shah, Mir Khubaib, Sahil Bashir Bhatt, the incredible Subuhi Khan, fine Police Officer Sheikh Aadil, Sahil Manzoor… et al – but I do not know them ‘personally’ though am on some whatsapp/twitter groups with them. All power to them – and there must be many thousands of them! Heartening, to say the least! May their tribes grow…)

Of course, I know that there are some really good people full of wisdom & demonstrable integrity like Sri Arif Mohammed Khan – but sadly, they are not in a position to command a leadership position among the Muslims. There are many other capable folks, but they prefer to stay in their own Closets – of course this is understandable.

So, the current leader of Muslims in Bharat are mostly scum. There is no enlightened mass-leadership. Agai,n this fact is not a bug, but a basic feature of the Umma. This is the context for the Jihadi groups like SDPI/PFI/CFI, MIM, JiH, Tablighi Jamaat and the like not to leave out the entire Deobandi eco-system.

I sincerely wish the state-of-affairs were not really so.

H. The bright Bhimarao Ramji Ambedkar could be faulted & praised for many reasons, that too with evidence – but he was 100% correct about Islam & most Muslims in the context of India – as in his remarkable book: Pakistan OR The Partition of India.

Read it, digest it, reflect on it – if you can help it.


Postpost-rant: I have been called various names for all kinds of reasons, so it does not matter to me, if you reader, takes me for an ‘Islamophobe ‘ so-called.

Because it is actually true. As the moniker implies, I am afraid of the onslaught of the rabid form of Islam, not for my own sake – but for the sake of the future of Bharat, our manifest destiny and our progeny.

Besides, please do at least 50% of what I have done for Muslims (and their kids) before gratuitously preaching to me about the virtues of tolerance & what kind of a ‘Hindutva Fascist’ I am. 1) Going out of the way to relentlessly campaign to identify & get good jobs to Muslim lads, some 80 in number 2) Helping a dozen or so Muslim kids pursue normal school education (not some madrasa based rabid-hate) 3) Renting out our house to a supposedly good Muslim teacher.

(let me add that, in retrospect, 1 and 3 were not great ideas at all, as I have paid dearly for those deeds – because at the bottom of it all, there was this Umma, the brainwashed mentalities of ‘hating the others who are not like us’ + ‘we will whine about our victimhood and take whatever help that we need from those others, but never contribute back’ + ‘whenever possible, we will descend to atrocities, because our Umma would back us.’)


I would love to be proved wrong, of course.

(comments & reasoned arguments welcome; but no ad-hominem attacks please!)


7 Responses to “the fundamental, relentless nature of ‘like that only’ islam & about which, there should be no complaints from kuf’rs, period (in three simple tweets)”

  1. Sesha a.seshagiri Says:

    திடீரென்று ஆங்கிலத்திற்கு தாவி விடுகிறீர்கள் ! இது போன்ற பதிவுகளை முடிந்த வரை தமிழில் வெளியிட்டால் என்னைப் போன்றவர்கள் எளிதில் புரிந்து கொள்ள வசதியாக இருக்கும்.

    • ஐயா, உங்களுக்கு ஊக்கபோனஸ்ஸாக, இனிமேல் அரைகுறை ஹிந்தியிலும் அவ்வப்போது எழுதவேண்டும் என உந்துதல் கிடைத்தது.


      • Sesha a.seshagiri Says:

        ஒட்டக் கூத்தன் பாட்டுக்கு இரட்டை தாழ்ப்பா ளா!

  2. Aathma Says:

    Sir I think that Ali is a fake ID..

    Also you’re yet to write about the motivation promised to do so last year..

    • Sir, I even conceded that ‘fake account’ possibility in the first tweet (though, when I did a bit of digging around, I located evidence to the contrary – don’t ask me where).

      However that was/is immaterial to the crux of the arguments presented in the post, no?

      and, what is the ‘motivation factor’ deal – could be please rejig my (obviously failing) memory?

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