Charu Nivedita – The deranged mutant liberal rumormonger

July 26, 2018

There are scumbags and scumbags. Especially so in my dear Tamilnadu.

They are the basic facts of life, where Dravidianism (whatever that means) is a fundamentalist & casteist rent-seeking force that drives, feeds & nurtures this scumbagginess.

To add to our miseries, most of the so called Tamil ‘Intellectuals’ are Dravidianists, which says volumes about their actual & rather incredible intellectual capabilities.

And, about the fantastically mediocre Tamil avant garde litterateur-louts who are our self-styled ‘conscience keepers,’ the less is said, the better it is for our mental health & well-being.

We as Tamils are kinda resigned to this fate, because it is we Tamils, who inflicted the Dravidian monsters on ourselves – we shackled ourselves deliberately.

Hence, we very well know this dire reality to be a self-evident truth.


Even so.

It takes a really a special quality to be a Charu Nivedita (pseudonym of the pseudo, who goes by the original, nice Tamil name of K Arivazhagan – a ‘person endowed with a beautiful brain or lovely wisdom‘ whatever!) – who has in a bizarre lowly way, wedded together two totally different personalities like Nivedita Behn and Comrade Charu Mazumdar – as totally different as Milk and Sewer water!

Sir Charu Nivedita has impeccable Cretintials, of course.

He is a certified scumbag, suffering from a seriously arrogant sense of entitlement.

What with his perennial, brazen lies and begging bowls.

His perversions/solicitations and preaching/activism to the contrary.

His sexually harassing womenfolk and simultaneously waxing eloquent about Rights of Women, much like his dear rapist friend Tarun Tejpal.

His essential cowardice and therefore his offsetting rabble-rousing & hate mongering.

His cheap hankering after fanship & hero-worship (of himself) while loudly arguing against similar cravings of others.

His feeling of entitlement to the Nobel prize for literature when his writing is the despicable pits.

His half-baked nature and the ability to pontificate.

+His incredible ability to play the victim all the freakin’ time. Oh, the halo around his hollow, that his skull is.

But he cannot definitely be conveniently branded as a ‘creative genius’ and thereby condoned for his being a bundle of dastardly contradictions; sorry, he is merely Dicktion personified. Period.

I am of course, unapologetic. As no one else is willing to takeout this scumbag of multiple-standards, I will go ahead & do it. No hassles.

In my universe, brutal honesty is an order of magnitude more preferable to hypocritical politeness. Thanks.

Dear reader, feel free to disagree with me, but please do think about the long term impacts (to our Tamilnadu and India) of having and suffering, scumbags like Charu Nivedita. :-(


This is what this illustrious scumbag writes in one of his recent vomits, masquerading as a blog entry:

“Life in contemporary India is dangerous, fundamentalist and frequently recalls the darkest days of Europe’s recent past. Charu Nivedita sounds the alarm.”

From ArtReview Asia, Summer 2018 issue.

Please see 35 and 36.

For your immediate edification, my dear reader of this blog — a screen capture of the (f)article that he so eruditely written for the mediocre magazine – Asia Arts Review – is here.

Of course CharuN, “Life in India stinks in every way possible” – because it is filled with pseudo intellectuals and ‘opinion making’ liberal scum like you. Have some self-awareness please!

Look around you, you scumbag – the very fact that the likes of YOU exist and openly defecate in public like this means that “Life in contemporary India is dangerous, fundamentalist and frequently recalls the darkest days of Europe’s recent past,” of course!

So, please do NOT extrapolate all your pet liberal, secularist hypotheses – based on your OWN sample!

Keep your sanity, do not blather – and if you cannot be ‘balanced’ in your effusions,  please leave for wherever the hell you are desperate to go to. Anyway, you have threatened to leave India and you should at least adhere to your own promises to yourself! (but, my heart goes out to that unfortunate nation, that would have to suffer scum like you)

You say after the usual liberal dose of rumor mongering (about ‘cow vigilatism’ etc) that, “While the critics of Modi had their Hindutva reservations about him, he had no qualms awarding the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honor, to a Hindu monk.

The ‘monk’ was Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Among many positive and nation-building activities, his organization runs MANY good schools, providing real education FREE of cost to many children, without any discrimination.

CharuN, have you ever fuckin’ done anything significant at all in your entire ‘fringe’ life – save being a dependable jerk? Have you EVER helped the cause of education, any education, even your OWN education?

And still, you whine about things that you have NO IDEA whatsoever about! What jerk.

Then you go on to calumny Yogi Adityanath, the CM of UP; you talk about the ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini’ organization and peddle the same/usual lie about it saying, ‘This is how they describe themselves: ‘A fierce cultural and social organization dedicated to Hindutva and Nationalism.

Of course you have done NO research, just looked up the sketchy and incorrect Wikipedia entry and copy-pasted it. You plagiarized. That the Wiki entry was in turn copied from an earlier Caravan online magazine entry – which pretty much fabricated a whole long story anyway – looking up on the web – is besides the point. This is how you liberals create a ‘train of evidence’ based on pure fabrication. Scoundrels.

CharunN – have you even seen the logogram of HYV?

Now, let me show you a picture of the same movement – that too from a liberal tabloid – in which, a pic of a rally taken out by HYV is prominently featured.


Now, what is this patriotic young mussalman doing in ‘Hindutva’ Hindu Yuva Vahini rally?

So, does it mean that the Muslim youth who seem to be riding behind the ‘youth militia’ folks – being taken to some lynching station or what?

Look at the Tiranga and the Saffron flags. Suffer from diarrhea, you scum. CharuN, you are a scheming liar – you are such a LOW LIFE FORM; you are an irredeemable rumor monger.

You say that Raman Singh (CM of Chatthisgarh) said, “We will hang those who kill cows.

Did you even get the context or what exactly he said?

Phansi would indicate hanging (by rope) etc, Latka means slung;  in colloquial chatthisgarhi – it translates to ‘holding one by his collar’ – but, neither you (who cut and pasted nonsense) nor that Times of India reporter know what you are talking about. All you want to is to sensationalize and spread rumours. Scumbags.

You go on to smoke weed and say “[Modi] and his supporters have poisoned the masses with hatred, and purging it will take a century, may be two.

You know what, CharuN scumbag – ‘liberals’ like you and the dishonest narratives that you lumpens peddle – that are aiming to poison the masses. You even know what you are blathering?

You scare monger writing, “With the standard of life continuing to deteriorate, the majority of Indian populace is turning fundamentalist.

So at least 51% of the Indians are fundamentalists. Oh yeah? *clap, clap*

It is felt that Muslims are bad for the country and should hence leave.

Oh yeah? Au contraire, I think liberal scumbags like you who spread paranoia are really bad for the country. Anyway you want to leave and have been threatening to leave. Please leave, okay?

It may be your wish that Muslims should leave, but our Indian Muslims are mostly Bharathiya Muslims. They will not and should not leave.

Sorry to spoil your dishonest narrative, you jerk.


CharuN – I am tossing all your other lies and fabrications about the case of poor Asifa, as I am tired of dealing with scumbags like you.

Of course ‘Justice for Asifa’ will definitely happen. It should. It should happen for ALL such cases. No selection criteria, no selective outrage. Sorry.

In the same way, justice for all the folks that you harassed, including women (on Facebook and otherwise) should also happen, my dear CharuN!

It is amazing that you connect the Nirmala Devi case of sexual solicitation, to the Governor of TN – and then to Fundamentalism. Bravo. All the shameless begging for food and sustenance, has really fortified your sense of dishonesty. Bravo, CharuN!

May you continue with your debaucheries. May you continue to make merry, you jerk.


I think, the Dravidian effect on Tamilnadu’s so called ‘Intellectuals’ is complete.

Was talking to a friend about this despicable essay of CharuN, and she says he is merely being an ignorant & emotional ass; and that I should stop hounding him; ‘ignore him’ is what she says. But, I disagree.

It is shameful that there is NO retribution for scumbags like Charu Nivedita, who strut about like virile peacocks – while continuously spewing venom, spreading paranoia, spit out lies and hatred.

May their machinations be reduced to dust. May their recycle times happen soon.




4 Responses to “Charu Nivedita – The deranged mutant liberal rumormonger”

  1. mekaviraj Says:

    சில காலமாக இந்த பதிவுகள் ஒரே மாதிரியானவையாக உள்ளது – முன்பு ஜெயமோகன் இப்போது சாரு , அடுத்தது யாரு – நாம் ஏன் இப்படியிருக்கிறோம்? :)

    • //And, about the fantastically mediocre Tamil avant garde litterateur-louts who are our self-styled ‘conscience keepers,’ the less is said, the better it is for our mental health & well-being.

      Sir, there is no exception. No sliver of a silver lining in sight.

      But, as a civilization, we ought to and shall overcome.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sir, All for the stomach !
    I hope you have your substratum of writing intact ( i.e – inducing laughter to the reader). Yes your blood boils reading craps but what choice of do we have ..we are reading it for fun though knowing very well that that’s such.

    To get your share of rebuttals its fair reading (again for fun or otherwise as in line with your original intention), you need to be out in the open as hard-boiled as they are . Would you ?

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