TEDxyz – Ideas Worth Dreading

November 5, 2017

The idea of TED talks was probably good, and I have enjoyed (wasted?) many hours of my life with them. Have actually learnt a few things and have gotten a few +ve pointers. Yeah.

But the success of this original idea begot a HUGE number of TEDx imposters in its wake. This is also kinda fine & okay. I have seen many belonging to this genre of mind boggling talks and have kinda squirmed through them.

But, the success and range of these first generation TEDx talks have spawned a whole new breed of ZILLIONS of second (de)generation TEDxyz clueless idiot inanities – out to prove to the world, the incredible possibilities of what I call ‘content free communication‘ – unadulterated jackassness and never ending depths of shallowness. Mommee! eeeks!!


And so, it recently happened that some blokes from an university of ‘repute’ got in touch with me (=ME!) for their own version of TEDx – thru’ an intermediary (on whom I have immediately placed a supari contract) – The organizers were young and impressionable folks, but as happens in most of these university sponsored ‘timepass’ tamashaas, they were 100% dedicated to the altar of moronishness and were wannabe professional protestwallahs.

Now, you guys know that I am like ‘I ME MYSELF’ and 100% at that; as a self-dedicated & certified egomaniac – I love to hear my own fuckin‘ voice ALL the time, and adore, adopt & leverage ALL the possibilities for the furtherance of my own multiple agendas; but still, I could not bear to talk on behalf of a bunch of clowns, pontificate to a bunch of idiots and bask in the reflected glory of my sounds echoing off their cavernous gaping mouths and dropped jaws.

Of course,  being from a ‘Social(!) Sciences(!!) University(!!!)’ these Orgynizers were utterly clueless young & entitled folks; they just wanted to put together a bunch of stand-up comedians (sorry, ’eminent intellectuals’ and assorted grand farts) – get some sponsors (like for example ‘from dad’s company’) – invite their hapless VC and have a ‘go’ at it. And, perhaps, to prominently mention in their linked-in profile: “Orgynized TEDx.”

No proper, coherent thought process which should advice the whole thing at all. No centralizing idea whatsoever. Nothing relevant. Nothing elegant. Pure banal stuff. Nothing beyond organizing a social event, at someone else’s expense. Leave alone ‘Ideas’ – there was not even a semblance of ‘Technology’ excepting the LCD projector. And ‘Design?’ SAD.

They were NOT willing to take a good natured advice because they want to quickly ‘do’ it in 4 weeks. From start to finish – including uploading TEDxyz videos to Youtube; now, I hate Youtube.

Excellent examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect; unskilled and unaware – am really tired of repeatedly pointing to this excellent study, ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

But Sirs and Ma’ams – these youth are being trained to become unwashed masses, if not their ‘leaders’ – gosh, they may even go abroad and do some post-modern neo-marxist Critical Theory based PhDs focused on the castigation of the Indian Education System – calling it manuvadi and therefore proving that it is against the so-called masses. The asses.

…Youthful jokers – who at the same time, want to strut about like virile peacocks displaying their unsurpassed ignorance – and get paid for it in their ‘career.’ Hallelujah, hallelujah! CampASS recruitments are on. Thanks.

…Their idea is to quickly put-together a ramshackle kichadi, and then move on to the next kichadi. Their WHOLE freakin’ lives are going to be about riding on top of this sub-standard waves of kichadiness.



(sorry, I forgot to mention the design of regulation colourful TEDxyz Teeshirts that they were planning to dish out at the CONference; also, the crescendoing + fading canned applause a la original abomination TED which they have already ‘done!’ YaY! Thanks.)


I am SO depressed. But Stephan Pastis’  ‘Pearls before Swine’ comes to my rescue.


I should learn to repeatedly tell myself – to not to define myself by what I hate from the bottom of my heart. And, not to focus on them. No point in ruining one’s health, anyway.

But then, my dear fellow Mediocritters and Mediacritters – here I come. Let us jointly drown in the sea of middle C.

My TED cup brimmeth over. I am RamaPsalmi. Come, congregate and listen to me, O’ webfarers…

Welcome to TEDoths. Welcome to soliloquies. Welcome to intemperate, infantile rants & clawings at reality. Welcome to the vulgar displays of my own brand of ignorance & insanity.

Welcome to my own ideas worth spreading. Rather thin at that. Let us build the brand of TEDoths together. Let the other wayward sheep follow us mAssaiahs with their own TEDothsX.

God bless you ignorant heathens. Come, drink of my wisdumb.



8 Responses to “TEDxyz – Ideas Worth Dreading”

  1. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    Sir, I am also periodically viewing TED talks. I like few. I will delete the boring ones. But You Tube has to be loved Sir. Yes, I am serious. If you search, wonderful talks of great personalities, which cannot be heard otherwise. So, You Tube is good.

  2. mekaviraj Says:

    சில நேரங்களில் எனக்கு இப்படி தோணும் – ஜே ஜே சில குறிப்புகள் வர்ற ஜே ஜே மாதிரி நீங்க இருக்கீங்கன்னு :)

  3. Sivakumar Viswanathan Says:

    Hi Ram

    It was the first time few years back I ever learnt about Dunning-Kruger Effect from your blog…with many other things. Thanks.

    Undeniably, you are way ahead of the common (wo)man in your intellectual prowess and IQ. I wonder whether it is the second part of the corollary here makes you critical about people sometimes…

    From Wikipedia on Dunning-Kruger Effect – “Hence, the corollary to the Dunning–Kruger effect indicates that persons of high ability tend to underestimate their relative competence and erroneously presume that tasks that are easy for them to perform are also easy for other people to perform.

    God bless me!

    • Sir, thanks – but you are being very charitable to me, you are sweet. However, I think I am very easily annoyable, that’s all.

      As an added bonus, I seem to find the time to annoy others, writing endlessly about the fact that I am annoyed! ;-)

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