Mughals & their Hindu Slave industry/trade – some facts & notes

January 21, 2023

One of the many persistent & elaborate myths of ‘Mughals’ is that they were particularly egalitarian & that their rule was ‘just.’ Of course, they treated their citizens/subjects equally, irrespective of their religions.

But the fact is that they were hopeless & dastardly bigots – and singled out their Hindu subjects for terrible ill-treatment, one of which is the subject of this post – namely, ‘Slavery of the Hindus’ – including exporting & gifting of them – and making enormous profits out of the ‘trade’ so-called.

Of course, along with our dear LeLis (Left Liberal cabals), our media, the Historians so-called – the assorted ‘public intellectuals’ have made it their habit to whitewash the crimes of the Mughals – and there are quite a few handy ‘western academics’ who are enlisted by them for their propaganda & spins.

For example: Professional whitewashers of Indic histories – Indrani Chatterjee (University of Texax – Austin Professor) & Richard Eaton (Arizona Univ Professor, @audreytruschke‘s guru) edited a 2006 book ‘Slavery & South Asian History.’

Of course, it has NO chapter on or even a simple mention of Mughal slavery accounts!


However, the fact is that – Mughals & their predecessor-predatory Sultans, specialized in Slave taking. Especially of the Hindus.

It was not only to stock-up for their abhorrent Harems, staffing castrated Eunuch armies, Pederasty & general purpose menial work – they also happily EXPORTED slaves to the Central Asian markets & profited massively by it.

In fact, apart from heavily benefiting from the Slave Trade of Hindus, Mughals even sent ‘gifts’ of slaves to appease their Central Asian brethren.

For example, one of the many ‘Slave gifting’ deeds of the famous Mughals – Akbar & Jahangir is available for all of us to see!

Since Hindus were of course Kuf’rs (or Kaafirs), they were the ones very easily sold & were in demand as Slaves in the markets, just as in cattle markets. There are ample records for such transactions.

Sufi mystics(!) had to spiritually liberate Hindus, by taking them as slaves, of course!

Actually this is called ‘Sufi man’s Burden.’ ;-)

Like this, huge sacrifices were made by the Sufis for the sake of syncretism, ganga-jamuni tehzeeb & spiritual unity of mankind. Bleddy hell.

A lot can be said about the Ghazna/Ghurid slave taking & by the Delhi Sultanates – in terms of lakhs of such wasted lives, but the point of the thread is about the Mughals.

Mughals CONTINUED to practice the same Slave taking of Hindus, as ordained in their Islamic doctrine.

An example: A Uzbek Mughal noble Abdullah Khan during the Akbar‘s reign, and later in Jahangir’s – was a Governor of the Kalpi & Kher area. (In UP, west of Kanpur)

In his area alone, he took 200, 000 women, little girls and boys as slaves. (for slave markets)

Constant Mughal millitary expansions, and huge famines & impoverishment of the peasantry that happened because of the predatory policies of the Mughals – and such happenings also resulted in huge no of Hindu slaves being exported, internally displaced and what not!

This Slave export trade from India, seems to have actually declined along with the decline of the rapacious misrule of the Mughals (but Iranian slaves seem to have increased!) – and with Russia taking over the territories, finally ended…

The contributions of the hapless & accursed Hindu slaves (the first Diaspora of the Hindus) towards the economies & cultures of Central Asia is considerable in terms of agriculture/plantations, architecture & much else…

All thanks to Islamists and of course, to Mughals!

This state of Slave trade of the Mughals seems to have continued till early 18th Century CE…


A version of these notes appeared as a twitter thread.

5 Responses to “Mughals & their Hindu Slave industry/trade – some facts & notes”

  1. எந்த புத்தகத்தில் இருந்து மேற்கோள் காட்டியுள்ளீர்கள்?

    • Source, to start with, at the bare minimum: – I actually provided a screenshot of a part of the first page of that scholarly report – did you notice that? :-)

      And then, at least:

      Jakolev’s account – ‘Russian Missions in to the interior of Asia’ (1823)

      Robert McChesney – Central Asia: Foundations of Change (1996)

      Nizomiddinov’ chronicles – Abdulkariim Bukharii

      Pelsaert – Dutch Chronicles of Mughal India (1978)

      Alexander Burnes – Travels into Bukhara (1834)

      Said Ali – Khutut-i mamhura

      Personal narrative of Josiah Harlan (traveler of 1800s, IIRC, he was an Army General in the Central Asian theatre)

      There are many primary sources (like that of Barani, Abul Fazl Allami et al for example) from Akbar, Jehangir et al period attesting to the facts – apart from the prev sultanates operating from Dihli.

      Please read them, and then come back – I shall give you at least 15 more solid references.

      Hope this helps.

      (sadly, not many go thru refs, even if provided and it is too much of a chore to provide them – though in general I give refs as a default; so, thanks for asking and hope you actually go thru them)

  2. Vijay Vanbakkam Says:

    Even the name Hindu Kush Range means ‘Killer of Hindus’ During Ghori and Ghaznavid raids on India tens of thousands of Hindus were taken as slaves and forced marched to Central Asia thro’ the now called Hindu Kush range. Most of them died of cold. With Jihadist crowing over death of large number Hindus, the range was so named

  3. Vijay Vanbakkam Says:

    If you read Ibn Batuta, he explains how hordes of Persians, Turks and Arabs made a beeline o India as the Delhi Sultans preferred to have Persians and Turks and not even local converts , leave alone Hindus. Ibn batuta was provided with slave girls by local Muslim rulers starting from Tughlaq. Batuta describes slave situation India

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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