“Penis mightier than Sword”

February 1, 2023

oops, ooopiss & fellow 7.5s – that probably was a typo; please read it as ‘Pen is.’ Oh the horror! :-(

I was not planning to post about the current controversy involving the feckless fantasy attempt of the current Dravidian DMK govt headed by the namesake of that celebrated Marshal Stalin, the mass murderer of Russia – to install a statue of a Pen, to commemorate his father (& benefactor) M Karunanidhi’s professional prowess & procreative acumen.

Of course, when the project indeed happens, that would be a great symbolism of the true jutting out of the offending male organ, from the poor mother earth – what with its splendor & fame rising skyhigh, dominating the the beach/skyline of Madras…

Especially when only merely Rs. 80 Crores or so of the Indian taxpayers’ money is going to be spent on it…


My humble (& rather tasteless, therefore a Dravidian) point is that, the typo may/is also true (via a Freudian slip) though no attempt is being made to hit below anyone’s belt – leave alone that of an illustriously dead person.

Because that would be a startlingly truthful representation of the basic Dravidian facts.

Especially of the Karunanidhi kind.

Why? There are n number of reasons why an erect Penis would describe the Dravidian Leader and his ilk.

A. If one reads Karunanidhi’s various prose items that he had consistently scribed for the past many decades – there is a lot of lewdness, yearning for incest and assorted unspeakable obscenities – all showcasing the perverse obsession of the Dravidian leader for sex, incest and what not.

(In fact, if I remember correctly, he even wrote a short story about a father (widowed, but needs to enjoy pleasure) sleeping with his young daughter (who is not yet married, but needs to enjoy pleasure or so the Leader-author thinks) and said that was a story, representative of a description of poverty. Unfortunately I do not remember the title or the other metadata of the story.

But then, such is the way the Leader’s thought process works. (but then, it is after all fiction and need not really be representative of him as a person; or is it? Let us sexplore further…)

B. A bosom-pal of the same-same Leader was a famous Tamil lyricist called Kannadasan, who is known for transparent honesty – who moved away from a life of debauchery (= Dravidianism) to a cleansed life of a Bharatiya later in his life – actually, rediscovering himself as more-or-less an unapologetic Hindu-nationalist.

…and he wrote many candid autobiographical works of which one was Vanavasam; this carries an episode in which the same-same Leader goes with Kannadasan (and another Dravidian MLA scum) to an impoverished family’s dwelling, in Madras; driven to utter poverty the hapless family subsists on selling the bodies of its young ladies.

The scumbag DMK Dravidian trio have their fill – but finally, instead of paying for the services, the ‘leader’ threatens the family with all kinds of things – and takes away a sum from them! (extract from that book: திமுக …பொம்பளைப் பொறுக்கிகள் … பாகம் 2 மார்ச் 31, 2011; the original post is deleted, so it is the archived page off archive.org)

Of course, he was one true, audacious Leader. And, that was one nice example of ‘Inflicting a Rape and Earning by it too.’

C. The same-same Leader has been the cause of ruin for many families, because of his Dravidian lust – including that of his one-time friend, SS Rajendran, whose wife Vijayakumari who unfortunately became a target+ for the Leader.

D. In the Legislative Assembly of Tamilnadu – he allowed & personally oversaw many obscene carnages to happen; couple of samples:

  • When a lady member asked for a valid clarification and sought more details regarding a legitimate agenda item, the Leader said, “If you open the [petticoat] draw string, then you can see the whole thing..” which is not even an innuendo. It is pertinent to note that the lady-member was a prominent politician of the ‘dalits’ of TN, then!
  • It was during the Leader’s CM time that, the opposition leader J Jayalalitha was pretty much disrobed in the Assembly by a Dravidian henchman – currently a Dravidian DMK MP from TN, TR Baalu.
  • When DMK goons hit Indira Gandhi with stones in Madurai, and blood came out of a wound in her head and soiled her Sari, all the scum Leader could say was, “For women, it is normal to have Sari stained by blood at certain times” – which is a cheap hint at the menstrual cycles of females.
  • Not to be left behind, his immature sonny boy MK Stalin said in a Coimbatore public meeting, “If Indira Gandhi approaches my father, he will rehabilitate her under ‘Widow Remarriage Scheme.'” (again innuendoes and more of them!)

E. In fact, so obsessed was the Leader about the ‘Power of his Penis’ or the Centrality of it in his life – that, he even claimed (in the year 2016) that when Police arrested him (in 2001), ‘they caught hold of his Penis & pulled it with a view to assassinating him.’ (Details: …என் குஞ்சாமணியைப் பிடித்து இழுத்து என்னைக் கொலைசெய்ய முயன்றனர் போலீஸார்: மு. கருணாநிதி [இது பகடியல்ல! 100% உண்மை!!] May 16, 2016)



If that was the status of the Leader, his Sonny boy and the current CM of TN, Stalin – was also equally notorious. May be it is in the game of of genes.

When he was ‘young’ (I was a little boy then), 1970s Madras with replete with stories of his sexcapades and his obsessive compulsive approaches towards it.

So much so that, even a Diplomatic Dispatch of the USA embassy in Madras had clearly mentioned the ‘grapevine’ matter – and the circumstances under which the rapevines were happening, but were all hushed up.

I recollect stories of how a certain Newsreader of Doordarshan was obsessively hounded by the, same-same Sonny boy, in extended adolesence. I even personally knew of another woman-victim of his, from Stella-Maris College of those days. Apparently there were many such horror stories.

The Leader’s grandson, now a minister for ‘sports’ – who is also in to films – is known for seeking sexual favours.

The obsession about violent sex, runs in the Dravidian First Family, dammit.

In fact, it is the basic character trait of ANY DMK Dravidian. Yes!


From the above very valid points of view, the ‘Statue of Pen’ to celebrate the deeds of the Leader, could also be considered as a stand-in for a ‘Statue of Penis.’

May be the TN Govt would also announce a special scheme for all aspiring Dravidian pricks.

“Dravidian Penis Classical Penis Scheme.”


Moral of the gory story:

It is an old pejorative saying that ‘Pen is mightier the Sword’ – and this was just a way of Cultural Elite (~Intelligentsia, so-called) saying Political Power/Elite are less powerful than them because the former are at an advantage with respect to ‘Knowledge Capital’ and so want to make use of it to further their agenda; of course, silly – it is not that the ‘Intelligentsia’ ever really cared about the common people or values or ethics or whatever; they were/are only interested in furthering their power through exploiting their ‘cutural/intellectual capita’ whatever the copulation, it is.

Okay, let us for a moment assume the old saw to be valid.

Then, it is also true that ‘Penis is mightier than Pen, leave alone Sword.’

Definitely so for the Dravidian LaLa Land.

The living examples of the neo-maxim are our DMK Dravidians who have infested Tamilnadu – what with their endless appetite for loot & lust, hustling for power & vaginas – have proved it time and again…

And their rent-seeking lineage is continuing, while we Tamils applaud their deeds.

But, please do remember the fact that, Dravidianism is future-proofed – as they have their illustrious progeny to prove it – so that they can run further along with their Dynastic Penis.

Penisoma DravidaModelmaya…


PS: In fact I just can’t wait for the inauguration of the Statue of Penis, so that I can devoutly pray at its altar and seek Penistence, sorry Penitence.


4 Responses to ““Penis mightier than Sword””

  1. Located the short story(!) of Karunanidhi as mentioned in A above:

    //(In fact, if I remember correctly, he even wrote a short story about a father (widowed, but needs to enjoy pleasure) sleeping with his young daughter (who is not yet married, but needs to enjoy pleasure or so the Leader-author thinks) and said that was a story, representative of a description of poverty. Unfortunately I do not remember the title or the other metadata of the story.

    The hopeless shit (with tamil grammatical mistakes, construction goof-ups and half-baked longwinding narrative) is titled ‘ வாழ முடியாதவர்கள்’ and is available at:


  2. Vijay Vanbakkam Says:

    Penis statue was the original intention; as that would be too much looked as ஆபாசம் , next best thing is Pen standing upright which comes close. What psychoanalysis calls ‘substitution’ to the original object. DMK’s infantilism expressed so clearly.

  3. Vijay Vanbakkam Says:

    Pen for Kaligggggnar , then Keyboard/mouse for Thalaivar, then Sony PlayStation Console for Chinnavar can all adorn Marina Beach

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