anony_mice = anonymous_cowards: some notes

February 2, 2016

This post is about what a commentwallah blathered recently, and my lengthy (~1300 words) rejoinder to it:

Screenshot from 2016-02-01 18:41:22


Dear AnonyMouse,

I toyed with the idea of tossing your stupid comment – but, when I realized that this is the basic narrative of the Dravidians – claiming victimhood all the time, while being  victimizing/active villains – I thought, I should call the despicable spades as spades and club them with this rejoinder/post, rather heartlessly. And oh, how do I bring my diamond sutra in, to combleat the pfun!

I also suspect that you are not a dalit, as I know for a fact that, many a scum masquerade as dalit on the web, crying all the time and sobbing about stories of victimhood, and pointing their stubby fingers at convenient ‘politically correct’ targets – while all the time being oppressors & actively fanning hate. Please wipe  the freakin’ foam from your mouth. It is distracting. Thanks.

No, sir. I do not have a quota system in my blog for – as to how much should I write about a given Jaathi, and in any case, I do not have a need to fan Jaathism. I merely look at a given piece of work, and examine how honest it is to its basic premise and how artfully/elegantly it develops/unfolds  a given central idea. In other words, I like to read stuff, for which some significant homework has been done – I do not want to read the farts and burps of jackasses, which get released as and when there is that urge.

I do not think, I, or for that matter anyone else, should have a quota system for being scum and handling things mediocre. I write about what I feel like (with some corroborative evidence, wherever possible/needed) whenever I feel like. You are free to spun your lovely victimhood stories, ah, the pleasures of feeling oppressed all the time!

Of course, it is not at all an easy life for dalits in Tamilnadu, I very much understand that, and currently, it is mostly due to the scaffolding effects of the Dravidian scumbags. I can confidently say this – as I have worked with many brilliant dalit kids and to a little lesser extent, their families – for some four years at least. I have seen the Viduthalai Chiruththaigal (which I see as a mere, yet another Dravidian party) politics from upclose  and as to how it unfolds rather irresponsibly at the ground level.

In my considered opinion, if our Tamilnadu had  chosen NOT to go the dastardly Dravidian way, things would have of course been much better, not only for the dalits, but also for the whole of the State; but maybe, I am smoking weed here!

Having said that, I do not want to be patronizing, or adopt random posturings. I am not a regressive secular person, nor am I, a Leftist Pseud. Am definitely, not an apologist for fakes. If I am going to be considered an extreme right-winger just because I say this, so be it. I do not need certificates of ‘neutrality’ from any AnonymousCoward  for anything.

And oh, how, from the bottom of my heart,  I HATE the phrase – ‘political correctness’ – and the constant recycling of idiocies and gross untruths in the name of PC!

But, here’s where, Maajid Nawaz, the brilliant doer and a pal (once removed) comes to my rescue.

Screenshot from 2016-01-31 21:48:30

You can extend Maajid’s idea to cover Secular Bigots, Intolerant Tyrants, HumanRights, HumanLefts, NGO beggars… …  and many more such humorous catergories… Have fun, will ya?


Now Sir, you seem to indicate that dalits have a right to be dumb, and when they are so dumb, they have to be patronizingly approached. I COMPLETELY disagree with this approach. They also have every right NOT to be dumb – they are also our fellow human beings, they have a right to be good, if not excellent. Dumbness is a learnt behaviour and let us not encourage & incentivize that, at least not so actively. Same goes for hate-mongering.

I know of so many GREAT folks from the many social groupings of dalits too. Luckily for us, BR Ambedkar, did NOT enshrine the ‘right to be a dumbass’ as a Fundamental Right our constitution.

All jaathis and social groupings (or for that matter ReliGins)  have useless scum & despicable scoundrels within them – and dalits are NO exception to the rule. Dalits also have their fair share of these scoundrels, especially in their leadership – which is kind of sad, but real.

I know of many of these scum leaders & civil servants; many of these folks, who have had really humble economic origins,  suddenly and inexplicably, have become very wealthy. And sometimes, they even get ambushed on the highways and get beaten up, because of the ‘sharing’ issues involving the ‘booty.’ When all these ‘beating up’ tamaashas spill out to the open ground, they are either underplayed or the aforesaid scum lamely claim that it is because of some Jaathiveri on part of the locally dominant non-dalit groupings.

I would not justify it or be an apologist for all these vermin with their  appalling dishonesty and stuff – especially because I personally know/admire so many dalit scholars and balanced folks who lead very respectable and venerable lives. My hats-off to them.

In fact, todayyesterday, I was talking to a swamiji whose background is with the Mahar community – and he is a leader of many Jaathis, way beyond dalits. But, he does not hold it aloft and wave it about like a trophy flag. It is because of folks like him, who continuously work for reconciliation, sustainable development etc – tirelessly and faithfully on the ground at that – that, we can progress. The rabble rousing vermin would at best, alienate the already disadvantaged, IMO. But man, these scum rake in money by all kinds of ways/means!

I know that Dravidian Scum have ALL Jaathi representations in there, including many dalits, unfortunately so for the latter.

Of course, I have a HUGE axe to grind against the Dravidians who have continuously pillaged and raped my dear Tamilnadu, for so many decades now! And there seems to be no end to their continuous economic and cultural vandalism…

So, I see YOUR Mathimaaran as part of the cheerleading fanboy brigade of this Dravidian scum. I do NOT consider him as ‘Evil.’ Of course, I am open to the possibility that he may merely be an uninformed posterior opening, butt, on the other hand,  I like holesome fun.

As for your insinuation about my ‘agenda’ – you have a right to your opinion. Long live your opinions, which are unburdened by simple things such as reality or sanity.

Good show. Carry on, darling.


I NEVER said I am a neutral guy. In fact, I have said time and again that I am NOT a stupid, effete ‘Neutral’ person. I am NOT a agenda pushing insecure secular idiot either.

I am merely against mediocrity and scum, even in – I, me, myself. I am unashamedly FOR excellence – in anything!

I am FOR  Healthy food, GM food, Nuclear power, NatureConservation, Space Research, Laboratories, Big Industries, Growth, Small farms, Big farms, Islam, Christendom, Hindudom, Atheism etc etc. And am of course for good literature, especially in my beloved Tamil, if I could help it.

And, I do not see ANY internal/external contradiction whatsoever, in all these massively beautiful realms!

And, I am willing & waiting to learn all the time, even from you, Sir.

But alas, all you can bring to the table as of now,  are – stupid conspiracy theories, aspersions and hate-mongering.

Grow up man, stop being an anonymous coward. Let us not habitually whine, woeman! There is a whole brave new world waiting for us, out there!

Want a ride? Boarding begins now!

Thanks for your time.


PS: What could be, nice-appropriate Tamil translations of the terms – 1) regressive, 2) apologist? Can some knowledgeable folk help me please?




3 Responses to “anony_mice = anonymous_cowards: some notes”

  1. Nice advice to the Annany Mouse.

  2. சந்திரமௌலி இரா Says:

    Regressive – பிற்போக்குவாதம்; Apologist – சொம்புத்தூக்கி (வினவு தளத்திற்கு நன்றி)

    • Aah! Thanks, I never thought, I will have to learn from those Redgressives, but then… such is life.

      But, could you please think of other possible terms – the first one sounds like a Recidivist and the second one is too polemic. Sombuthookki, I thought, referred to a fanboy!


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