narendra damodardas modi, 4 questions, jeyamohan – some suggestions

April 7, 2019 – Please read the young man’s comments and my response below it.

Oh well. In these days of good connectivity & ready access to knowledge, is it so difficult to get properly formed perspectives, do critical analysis and then form informed opinions? I really wonder!

Aren’t real wise men always accessible these days, so that impressionable minds can go seek them out? Even a nondescript joker like yours truly, is able to access many of them… so, am truly and verily puzzled!

…Anyway, while you are on the job – check out my latest tweet-series about the elections and Bakhtiyar Khilji effect. Thanks!


4 Responses to “narendra damodardas modi, 4 questions, jeyamohan – some suggestions”

  1. yaaro Says:

    Hello A. Ramakrishan,

    You should read othisaivu comment/posts with tons of salt.

    Othisaivu doesn’t care a pinch about Gauri Lankesh’s killing and in fact mocked the killing to Gaur(animal) killing. Refer his old tweets.

    Othisaivu will not speak about latest BJP’s manifesto which talks about Ram mandir temple.

    Othisaivu will close his ear when someone got lynched carrying beef.

    Othisaivu always refer India as Bharat.

    Othisaivu always talks about “bharatham” “panpaadu” “koorkal”

    I urge you to read his tweets to understand how *core* Hindutva he is, but talks as if is an atheist. An atheist will not worry about what one eats.

    Othisaivu says democrazy is flourishing in BJP :) – it’s oxymoron isn’t it?

    Othisaivu will happily allow comments when someone uses bad words(saying let others know how lumbans they are), but deletes the comment if he is not agreeing with a viewpoint

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