Wonder why most of the Intellectuals/intelligentsia hate Modi/BJP from the bottom of their heart?

May 22, 2019

Now, I know.

It is because, Modi does not need their support & crutches, to reach out to the Indic populace – he knows he can directly talk to his people and can have direct conversations with them.

He does NOT need the deceit of these Dalals — the despicable middlemen vending propaganda/falsehood and imposing their twisted narratives on the populace. This really upsets the Intellectual Scum, obviously.

They have become redundant. Like the relics of the past, like Communism. And they do not have the heart to accept the reality and move on. They whine. They whimper. They spread stories of horror, terror  and break their bangles…

All because they have been proved to be completely redundant. Thanks.


For various reasons, I have to work closely with a famous director of a more famous Institute for Higher Learning – in the context of a hands-on workshop for children. My Karma, what else!

In the aisle conversations and stuff – I was polite, did not broach any non DIY/Science/Design stuff at all with him- did not want to chitchat desultorily about any other subject.

Because, I really know my Indian Intellectuals.

But, the evidence of his agitation was palpable. He does NOT want Modi/BJP to become the chosen leaders again. He kept on talking/lamenting (just two more days go before the results come out) about the unfolding scenario; perhaps, he must have been watching way too much of these exit pole dances…

Says, “A person who is proud of having been a chaiwallah, should NOT become the PM; election commission should restrict such candidates ONLY to PhDs – that too from ‘political sciences!’ all these politicians are bastards, what does a chaiwallah know about governing the country? Bastards!”

The same guy – talks in a rueful tone about ‘under privileged children’ and as to how they should be brought up & given exposure.

But, ladies and gents – there is NO obvious multiple-standard in here; there is only a liberal-leftist ‘intellectual’ narrative.

That: The chaiwallahs and their children should eat off the hands of the Intellectuals/NGOs, thanking them profusely – but only ‘entitled’ and educated(!) elite ‘who looks like them’ and ‘needs their support’ should rule.

And that, ONLY the narratives of the scumbag intellectuals should reach the masses. Only ‘their eminent lordships’ should be opinion makers.

Thanks so much, Intellectuals! I am filled with eternal gratitude for your stupendous service to your notion of our nation. Thanks a tonne, indeed!

But, Bharat will overcome all these SCUMBAGS.

Having said all that, I think we should all be concerned about the well-being of our Teapot Intellectuals and their Discourse Dictatorships. What each of them perhaps needs is – a good massage, because, the message is loud and clear!

Postscript: In the interests of the children & their learning (we are all in the ‘middle’ of an engineering design workshop), I am not going to have any argument with this gent. Wish me good luck.

Besides, I know – ‘Liberal dogs bark, but the Indic caravans carry on!

Let us see, whether, tomorrow, the D-day – is going to let Bharat be free, and GROW because of its own innate genius & strengths.

Here’s hoping that the narrative of the SCUM would be defanged and promptly/duly consigned to the dustbins of TWISTORY.

Let us wish ourselves, OUR well-deserved results…


மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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