Mani Shankar Aiyar – the Civil Servant who did unspeakable Uncivil things at his Govt Office, during Office hours, getting a Salary for it!

May 17, 2019

​Thought, I would never have to write about this. But here I am, doing it, precisely. Sigh of the times, what else! :-(

This is quite off-color; you have been warned. So, read on, if you must. This MSA is talking too much, in spite of the fact that he has many, many skeletons up his cupboard.


I had passed out (literally!) from my Institute in 1986, with an engineering degree – and one of my major aims at that point of time in my life, was to become a ‘honest’ IAS officer.

I was young, kinda impressionable, did not know about realpolitik, was head over heels in love with what the great Dharampal compiled about Bharatiya Traditions – in terms of Science & Tech, Education, Arts, Literature, the works. Was also a wide-eyed leftist. Mea culpa.

So I thought I could meaningfully ‘contribute’ to my Bharat in my own way etc – but finally the IAS fascination did not work out for various reasons. I flunked the process. Probably it had nothing to do with the Prelims or Mains as the two filter exams were called then.

But one important learning for me thru the few years of my slogging was – if all the IAS aspirants were going thru’ the same kind of books (of mostly JNU/AMU authors, and NCERT books etc), newspapers (The Hindu etc) and journals (EPW etc) for taking the Civil Services examination as I had done myself (and detested) – they would have ONLY negative opinions about India, that is Bharat.

They would only have a set of attributes, that could be easily stereotyped: (not that there were no exceptions, there were/are quite a few – but then they were/are ONLY exceptions, sorry!)

Guilt and ignorant prejudices about the Indic pasts + Unquestioning worship of the Western/Socialist stuff and models of ‘development.’ Development of a thorough Coconut mentality – ‘white’ on the inside and ‘brown’ on the outside. Intellectually(!) inherited ‘whiteman’s burden’ coupled with super superciliousness. An apt quote from Shakespeare would effortlessly tumble out of the mouth, for any given scenario – but Kalidasa, who the fuck was HE?

Not only that, the auto-brainwashing and conformity to Babudom; about how to ‘manage’ India, how to be ‘secular’ and how to ‘survive’ its people and traditions, while maximizing personal benefits…

But,  am digressing; this should be about the object of my endless admiration, Sri MSA.


Yes, about this Scum. The MacaulayPutra.

I believe in doing homework, leaving no stones unturned; am a diehard fan of the principle of 7Ps; proper prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance – and all that.

So, as part of my gearing up to understand as to what would be the normal scope of work of a senior civil servant – I, along with a friend of mine, visited a few very senior IPS/IAS/IFS officers, via a network of connections that my friend had access to.

In fact my friend and I – had earlier done some significant bit of ‘joint studying’ and all that. And he was very well connected and was/is a close relative of one of our very senior and bloody influential IAS officers, who I cannot name.

So. ~1987.

We ended up reaching the Scum’s office at around noon to soak in his gyan. To borrow his wisdom. To consider his possible advice and candid talk.

And we were well prepared to ask him some pointed/relevant questions and to elicit his answers, as we thought, after all, he is a very senior officer and he should not be randomly disturbed. We should not waste his time. Etc.

Oh well. He was not working or busy at all, and was very relaxed, more like chilled. His intray and outtray – both were empty. Not even a single pending urgent/ordinary flap-tagged file on his table!

He started off, perhaps to ease our discomfort – and, cracked quite a few corny jokes even as both of us aspirants were squirming in our seats. He was very pompous, but very intelligent and bright no doubt – with all the cultivated smartness & crookedness bundled into one – the attribute that perhaps comes naturally to the people of his Class – and they have had years and years of practical training to fine-hone such ‘skills!’

But, he did not answer any of our questions, choosing to instead talk about some irrelevant pompous nonsense and rambled on and on… He said he was having a cushy time, in fact he has had only that. And he came across as a guy who followed the winds of fortune, while minimizing the amount of work he did.

I was filled with disgust – but also a sense of ‘awe’ – because I had not realized that at those high levels of administration, it was/is still possible to be an eminent system beater. Or it could be that he was a super-efficient guy. May be. I was really confused.

My friend was not so very perturbed – may be thanks to his familial network and connections, he was familiar with the ways of these kinds of Babus. Anyway.

During a brief interregnum, amidst all his verborrea of self-adulation, snarky comments and sarky statements, I could not contain my surprise and I asked him as to ‘how come he was so free of work and is relaxed’ though he is such a senior guy. “what does he do for relaxation?” WRONG questions, obviously, as it transpired…

He gave me a candid answer. And yes, he managed to shock me! I had tweeted about it an year back or so, as under, while responding to that stellar handle @TrueIndology.

Yeah. He said, masturbation at the office, really helped him; and in any case, he had nothing better to do.

I was stunned. I thought it was an attempt at a juvenile joke, just to make us nervous/eager visitors laugh because we were both only 22+ years or so young. We were very tentative.

No. I was mistaken yet again. He was serious and recommended the procedure heartily to us!

This practical aspect of Nehruvian-Socialism, was kind of news to me, indeed.

The rest of the ‘interaction’ was actually a blur and… we said some polite nonsense and exited…



So, it is not a surprise to me that he says ‘Fuck Off’ to a pesky journalist.

My sincere advice to MSA would be to please continue his bureaucratic practice so that such tensions can be relieved, fairly regularly.


…What is surprising to me is that, the said Journalist, supinely took it. Apologized for it. The spineless SCUM. Appalling.

Anyway. It is good to see spineless supporters of the Congress and Congressis themselves, for what they are. Their real faces, and their really thirsting genitalia.

If allowed to comeback, the Congressis (+ their assorted ‘liberals,’  intellectuals(!) and leftists) won’t stop at merely masturbating at the Office and on Indian people (ALL, at the taxpayers’ expense), but as a service UPGRADE, they would also RAPE us publicly, much more than before.

Yatha Mani Shankar Aiyar, Thatha Rahul Gandhi.

Amen. Or so a Nehruphobe thinks. :-(

3 Responses to “Mani Shankar Aiyar – the Civil Servant who did unspeakable Uncivil things at his Govt Office, during Office hours, getting a Salary for it!”

  1. elango Says:

    NO RAM
    writing about this kind even thogh i belive it is true is of bad taste.
    now you become violent

  2. Sir, I am not a pacifist. I am not a neutered neutral guy either!

    I sincerely believe that there is a place for violence in our lives – I respect it; it is not about general violence or random/premeditated hate crime – but the power & efficacy of retributive and/or preemptive violence. My own theory of Justice.


    I know it is in bad taste. But it is true. He has said far worse things. Am not justifying anything; please take me as a package of desirable and undesirable thingies, that is, if you must. If you do not, that would be fine too.


  3. And this intellectual, while campaigning in Mayiladuthurai, said that he would turn the town into a Singapore. And we know how Mayiladuthurai is, now.

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