After Emirnath, the bitter truth about Mamallahpuram

June 28, 2018

By now, thanks to Times of India to many other secular, liberal media outlets – we all know that Amarnath was indeed founded by a devout Turkic Emir, who out of sheer generosity and enormous goodwill, built the whole mountain range (in what is now known as Pahalgam area, in Anantnag district, Jammu & Kashmir) braving the bitter cold and against all odds, and thereby getting even with Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

Thanks to TheKaafir, we also know that, after having painstakingly built the aforesaid mountain range, he also very kindly built an icy shrine for Lord Shiva in it, and called it EmirNath – meaning, ‘lord of the Emir.’ My eyes have turned glassy even as I type this. Such where those dharmic days.

…It is a moving tale of hindu-muslim boy-o’boy and that of Kaafirs getting the respect and affection that they oh so richly deserved, especially when all the riches were with these Kaafir scum. Yeah, in those times too, kindness flowed from the sword of Islam and not blood – sorry to spoil your fun, all you Islamophobes.

Later, apparently around the year CE 1010, thanks to the Kaafir nationalism that was sweeping across the far-eastern countries and thanks to the Imperial Cholas, specifically during the times of Chola Batura II, the name EmirNath was changed to Amarnath.

But it was all forgotten in due course, because the Kaafirs, as a policy, manage to forget the pasts as soon as the present becomes the past. So Amarnath shrine itself mar gaya, at least in the collective amnesia of the Kaafirs…

Thanks so much.


Now, it goes without saying that, whenever something good that managed to happen at least occasionally to the Kaafirs, it was all only because of external influence and stimuli from other religionists and foreigners.

Take the case of Cricket. Samosa. Biryani. Kadak Chai. Even take the case of our humble Idli. Even Angrezi. Anything the Kaafirs value,  always has its antecedents in ‘others.’

But, why go to such complicated things?

Just take the simple case of fantastic  ‘Social Sciences‘ that Kaafirs have painstakingly imported from the firangees – which have done wonders for India, in terms of Jawarharlal Nehru University (JNU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)!

Without their Subaltern studies, Post colonial post modernist matters, Critical theories, Deconstructions and Development studies, do you think it would have even been possible for India to have ISRO and IT boom? Even Telecom revolution? Green and White revolution??

Sorry, this is all very annoying to you, I know, but the fact is that, these are all facts and are eminently true. I am sure Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib and TheKaafir newspaper will very gladly agree with me.

Now, coming back to the main thread of the post about Emirnath…

…So, till about 1850, everyone of them Kaafirs, pretty much forgot the Emirnath, though for some puzzling reason, there should have been some muscle memory left in Kaafir genetic base across generation. This can be guessed because, many of them still went to the mountain ranges rather aimlessly, during the month of Ashada – much like birds that migrate from place to place – merely flapping their wings, based on seasonal cues, and apparently for no other good reason. Brains dead, bodies merely doing their time. Bird brains.

But, again an external intervention happened. A Shepherd (actually related to an American Astronaut called Alan Shepard) called Buta Malik  located the icy shiv linga called EmirNath and promptly informed the Kaafirs and reminded them of their own heritage. He also miraculously recounted the entire story of EmirNath. Goose bumps. Also gander bumps.

So Kaafirs started flocking to the hills, not realizing that it was thanks to a non-Kaafir that they owe their own pathetic existence, leave alone their beliefs. Ungrateful infidels.

Not only that, they still call it Amarnath. And, not Emirnath. Imbeciles.

It is a billion dollar question, as to why the mainstream and social media icons, NEVER rake up this issue of ingratitude by the Kaafirs.

Not Rajdeep Sardesai. Not Sagarika Ghose. Not even Nidhi Razdan. Why, even the famous Twistorian Ramachandra Guha has forsaken the minorities.

Hope they all wake up soon and tweet about this unfortunate & gross injustice meeted out to the minorities & outrage, lest Siddharth Varadarajan takes it up tomorrow and rabble rouses!

Anyway, Moral of the story: Kaafirs have to be repeatedly taught their lessons, and given their just desserts – posterior openings that they are.


Now for the second part of the exciting history.

Do you even want to know – what the inexplicably and vacuously vainglorious proud Tamils call Maamallapuram (some 40 kms south of Chennai, still housing a significant number of insignificant infidel idols and reliefs) – was originally called and the whole hidden history behind (and in front) of it?

Even if you do not want to know, in the grand tradition of whitewashing and assembling histories from imagination, you must, must read on – that is, if you really believe in the eternally timeless – secular, democratic, socialist values that India stands for – and um, may be occasionally sits for, depending on your perspective.

Now, for a little bit of a recap on South Indian history…

It is not well known that the first Caliph of the Islamic State, Abu Bak’r (who was one of the fathers-in-law of the Prophet) actually visited Madarasa Pattanam (as Chennai was called then, by the learned Prof AR Venkatachalapathy) along with his friend, philosopher and guide St. Thomas, one of the dozen Apostles – in the year CE 754.

Apparently, the first Caliph was here trying to expand his Prophet-making industry as NGOs were known, even then. Of course, St Thomas was actually working for a competitor – a Not-for-Prophet Orgynization, and was focusing on expanding his business. Anyway, in spite of their competition, it now transpires that they were into some sort of collaboration because they realized the value of pack-hunting the rabid infidel-rabbits.

But, am digressing.

Venerable Abu Bak’r, a kind hearted man that he was, took pity on the infidels who were running around in their loins (that is, when they were not loinging around, because Chennai was hot & muggy even then, as per the same aforesaid Professor ARV) and build a resort near the sea shore at the place, now the Tamils proudly (therefore of course erroneously) call Mamallapuram.

After creating the whole place, paying enough and more attention to the native sensitivities, respecting their belief systems, their traditional practices and all that – the Venerable only requested that the place may please be called Masha Allah Pur – meaning ‘the place that the God willed.

But Infidels and Idolator scum that Kaafirs are, they exploited his good will – but refused to use even the name.

Ungrateful sons of lady canines, these half-clad Kaafirs.

So they surreptitiously changed the name of MashaAllahPur to MahaMahoAllahpur and then stealthily changed that into Mamallapuram.

And then, they created their own histories of Pallavas and Cholas etc – because as a people, these Kaafirs have had this capacity to forever create new spins and new Puranas, at the drop of their loins.


Now that you know the real and truthful histories of Amarnath and Mamallapuram, dear serious readers of the blog, why don’t you gather together (at least virtually) your twits and launch agitations for the following?

  1. Redemption and redaction of Amarnath ->>> into Emirnath – as a glowing symbol of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb
  2. Redaction of Maamallapuram and reversing to the original, legitimate Mashallahpuram if not Mashallahpur – and then merging it with the Malappuram district of Kerala? (we can call this Mallu-Tamullu Pannpaadu)

May the true history preveil!

May the real truth wince!!

Thanks for all the support.

PS: I reliably learn that JNU can honour me with an instant PhD based on my above thesis, on which I have worked hardly for 90 mins. Am wondering why waste my hardwork on getting approvals from them – because in Madras University, I can get my Post Doc also, based on the same work.

What do you think? Any free advice please?



7 Responses to “After Emirnath, the bitter truth about Mamallahpuram”

  1. Mani Says:

    //whenever something good that managed to happen at least occasionally to the Kaafirs, it was all only because of external influence and stimuli from other religionists and foreigners//
    //Even Angrezi//
    No, sir! You are mistaken.
    Without Nehru, you wouldn’t speak English.
    Refer to this pearl of wisdom:

    Unless, you consider Nehru “other religionist” and “foreigner” :)

  2. Sir, Mani – JN probably was not actually a foreigner, AFAIK. But definitely he was either an RNI or a Coconut. He was able to look at the Indian society mostly from the PoV of a ‘sympathetic’ firangee, me thinks!

    Thanks for increasing my blood pressure with that nonsense from SG. Dunno what provoked her to comeout with such condescending statements. But the fact is that only India would allow such scumbags.

    I wonder what the ma’am would have said if her target were to be a Muslim or a Christian. Lucky that Allah and/or Jesus escaped her attention.

  3. Swami Says:

    Hey Ram (Guha)!
    You have given Romila and her ilk a run for their money
    Under the next Con(g) government, you could be tasked to (re)write history one more time :)

  4. Swami Says:

    And Padma Vibushan beckons!

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