ar venkatachalapathy, a disgrace to both tamil and english, and a professor to boot…

November 15, 2016

um… I meant ‘boot out’ :-(

My bad. Yes; this is the widely accepted cutesy & phoney way of sounding apologetic without actually meaning to apologize. So, it is ‘my bad’ for the dastardly and loud mistake that I am going to make. Yeah, I do not regret making this ‘mistake.’ Am unrepentant. Sorry.

Because, there is way too much mediocrity happening in my dear Tamilnadu.

Because, these mediocritters happen to occupy the centerstage and hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Because they set the terms for cultural social and political discourse. They repackage and focus the old prejudices of the Tamils into  convenient hate mongering, spreading herd poison.

Because, the people who should be stripped nude, paraded in public, and whipped for the crimes (intellectual and otherwise) they commit, are being propped up as paragons of virtue (dravidian and otherwise)  and hailed as public intellectuals of stellar standing – and therefore strut about like virile peacocks. And, castration should happen in such cases so that the bad and ill-formed memes don’t spread.

My very bad.

’nuff said.

Everyone rises to the level of his incompetence, says the famous Peter’s  principle. But, I would say, ar ‘chalapathy’ venkatachalapathy continues to invent new heights of his very thoroughly cultivated and carefully nurtured gross incompetence – across levels and subjects. All power to him.

He straddles the worlds of mediocrity in english and tamil with ease. Future generations will scarce believe that he strode the tamil politico-cultural firmament like a colossus,  the colossal waste that it was…

No scholarship. No expertise in Tamil. Armed & dangerous with his paavam English. Has connections because of constant politicking. Leverages trendily nonsensical ideas and connections. A truly inept spinmeister. Good.

…And naturally, the ‘The Hindu’ goons have accommodated him in their thinktank. Of course, he is a professor at the Midgrade Marijuana Store – MIDS in Chennai. A truly evolved soul indeed.

A veritable, I mean.

There is no hope, no hope, NO HOPE whatsoever. I am really sorry to be reiterating this fuckin’ fact. It should be bloody obvious to any self-respecting half-baked jackass like I.

Nonno, by ‘self-respecting’ I do not mean any periyarist. Jackasses will feel slighted otherwise! My apologies. To jackasses. Sorry. My very very bad.


Well, this is what I have saying for donkey’s years (or into my fellow tamil donkeys’ ears) – but when someone else who I have not heard of till today, agrees with me, I am truly satisfied, to say the least.

So, it was with an indescribably immense pleasure that I read the rather whimsically tired review of the great archivist chalapathy’s thoroughly mangled translation of that lovable tamil novel – JJ: Sila Kurippukal – by Jerry Pinto. (I must, MUST seriously check this Jerry guy out; thank GOD, what a refreshing and honest excoriation of chalapathy’s abominable stuff! L O V E L Y!! Many thanks to the alert reader of this blog who sent the link to me – he has made my past two days and nights!)

Rejoice! :-)

In a different voice – Jerry Pinto

I agree with EVERY word of this review. All power to Jerry. :-)

If you share my prejudice against mediocrity and sheer incompetence, please read the review.

And reread JJ: Sila Kurippugal in Tamil – written by Sundara Ramasami.

And then read JJ: Some Jottings – translated(!!!!) in to some english-like language by the venerable Professor AR ‘chalapathy) Venkatachalapathy.


Other posts in which the aforesaid professor is either the hero or villain or an extra – are hereunder.

Sob inconsolably.

Cry thy beloved Tamilnadu. Amen.

5 Responses to “ar venkatachalapathy, a disgrace to both tamil and english, and a professor to boot…”

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