a real school for adolescents: a ‘context framework’

March 30, 2016

For the past few months or so, my spouse & I have been working with a ‘small’ school, to help it setup/structure a robust & meaningful adolescent programme for its learners – rooted in our Indic traditions and grafting in the best of what the Orient and the Occident have to offer, in a Montessori background as we understand it.

The following diagram and a few paragraphs are a part of what we have been doing and am sharing the stuff, hoping that it would be useful to at least 6 of you phenomenal brethren, grappling with the beastess called education in the veritable battlefields of the really impoverished, alcohol soaked, maoist ravaged Indian rural areas, and you know who you are! :-) You and us shall ‘overcome,’ yes!

Love & Hugs:



I have removed the personal / school references, generally anonymized this part of a rather longish document and am sharing it.

<school name>

… a view of the context of learning and various axes…

Screenshot from 2016-03-30 14:19:53(click on the above image to open a bigger image in another tab)

Summary of this context document:

  1. Five basic goals of learning

  2. Four axes of learning environment

  3. Three building blocks of learning

  4. Four streams of learning

A. There are FIVE axes of basic aims / goals for equipping the adolescent learners at <schoolname>:

  1. Respect for ancient as well as emerging traditions: To inculcate in them, a sense of balance and purpose; to develop in them, a fundamental respect for Indian learning traditions and ways of knowing, while internalizing and benefiting from Western traditions too.

  2. Perception of choices: To instill the ability to perceive choices in any given situation and the capacity to systematically pursue them.

  3. Resourcefulness: To make them resourceful enough to handle any situation – academic or life.

  4. Self-esteem: Being respectful to themselves and to others.

  5. Resilience and adaptability: ‘Like the cat falls on its feet’ and growing internally and externally with the passage of time.

B. There are FOUR major axes to <schoolname> adolescent learning environment.

  1. Classroom and work inputs

  2. Stay at school

  3. Home environment

  4. Occupations and professions

C. There are THREE major axes towards strengthening the fundamental building blocks of learning:

  1. Mental and psychological skills – Behaviour, Ethics, Organization, Problem solving skills, stick-to-it-iveness.

  2. Physical skills – Health, Sports, Fitness, Farming

  3. Models of Excellence – meta learning, learning with breadth and depth

D. There are FOUR streams of learning based on the effective utilization of the sets of axes:

  1. Sciences

  2. Liberal arts

  3. Performing / fine / martial arts

  4. Handicrafts and DIY


Again, for whatever it is worth, am sharing a pdf version of the above context framework: context-earthchildren-othisaivuversion-29Mar2016


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