strongly recommended: a book by the mother + a music album of joy chowdhury et al

September 17, 2015

First things first, dear fellers and fellerinas…

Let me upfront say that, I am big sucker for very beautifully produced and content rich books – and of course – soulful, deep, lilting music.

…and, without much ado, I move on to my recommendations, please!

The Book:

This nicely produced book (actually a booklet) – is a story written in her teenage, by Mirra ‘The Mother’ Alfassa. It is a parable of what generally passes for life, and about the possibilities that could open up, if only we do not perennially and persistently keep postponing things.

In our school, we discuss this story with our children, at least once an year, just to keep the spirit of ‘correct action’ (or ‘the yoga of learning’ if you will) alive.

It has beautiful illustrations by Ruchi Mhasane – that are understated and are pregnant with metaphors & meanings.


The promotional flier for the book is here: ThePathOfLateronFlier

The Music:

One does not need to believe in God or anything to appreciate and swim ecstatically in the waters of bliss. Language is no barrier, practiced faith is not a hindrance, one only needs to have an open mind and a pair of sound ears, that’s all. No need to understand the lyrics/wordings even. Finely rendered music seems to have direct epistemological connections to happiness, I think.

I have been listening to this collection for the past so many years, it really creeps into the innards of the brain, and haunts me – every time I listen to it, without fail! I promise, you would have a similar kind of experience yourself…

Ma’am Chowdhury and her team are a delightful bunch.

Here is the Album cover:



I feel fortunate that I have had the honour of getting exposed to these kinds of things, so I thought I would share them with you.


I request you, beseech you and whatever you, my dear reader of this blog, to please go ahead, buy and savour them…

To buy the book, please go to: The Path of Later-on
To buy the CD, please go to: Hymns and Songs in Sanskrit

Give me love. Yes.

Full Disclosure:

  • I know the folks behind the venture of publishing these kinds of books/music.
  • I know that, considering the production costs of these media, with their nice production values, they are not overpriced at all! They are quite reasonable, and are a significant value for money, happiness & bliss.
  • The funds that Auroville gets via these kinds of transactions, result in all kinds of positive developments in the bio-region of my dear Tamilnadu – I can personally & heartily vouch for it.
  • Just in case you have this doubt — I will not, directly or indirectly,  get any money/commission on the sale of the book/CD – except possibly, the afterglow!


5 Responses to “strongly recommended: a book by the mother + a music album of joy chowdhury et al”

  1. Rajmohan babu Says:

    Dear Ram,
    Thanks for the recommendation. My daughter enjoyed the story.

  2. Rajmohan babu Says:

    Dear Ram,
    Waiting for the list. Yours receommended book Adele Faber,s ” How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk” helped me lot
    Kind Regards

  3. Dear Ram,
    Can you share the list.

    Kind Regards

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