Oh yeah? So, did Islam save the Pyramids & Sphinx in Egypt? Hilarious!

April 29, 2021

It is one thing that, the Jihadi, Left-liberal propagandists go overboard in painting a rather rosy picture of Islam, its tolerance, its ‘just’ nature, as to how it is a ‘Religion of Peace’ etc etc… ad nauseam.

But, the more galling thing is: the rest of us, members of the marked Kuf’f/Kaafir populations, who really ought to know better, also go overboard in praising the legacy of Islam sky high – without any evidence whatsoever.

Or they do it out of the mistaken/half-baked idea of ‘universal brotherhood’ and the like. Or because they have fallen for the ‘Sufi’ nonsense and ganga-jamuni tehzeeb. Or out of general sweetness that comes naturally to Hindus who have gone out of the way to repeatedly protect others and to make their lives easier, from the times long past.

Of course, I understand that, one should not have any issue, praising the praiseworthy things – even about Abrahamic ways/execution paths. But there is no need to scaffold/protect and to defend the indefensible.

As Dunning-Kruger law could put it: We Kuf’rs are ignorant and are also unaware of our ignorance.

An example conversation follows.


I wrote a Twitter thread about ‘the hateful reference to Kuf’rs in Quran‘ in response to a thread by Madhu Purnima Kishwar. Madhuji wrote about that despicable Sameena Dalwai essay in Indian Express; relevant screenshots below:

There are some typos: example: Goebbelsiab. It should be Goebbelsian.



…a conversation branched off from there – and I give below, the screenshots of the same, for reference, or for someone who may need them. FWIW.

In every snippet/screenshot – the provocation/questions are at the bottom and my responses are above them.

Bamiyan tweet-thread.

Smithsonian blog.


I did not deal with the persistent blaming of the West/NATO/USA for the abject failures of the Arab nations or notions. And, the blame that Muslim world was shabbily treated.

Will do it in sometime. May be.

The galling issue is that, not many folks like to do ANY homework whatsoever on the opinions that they have.

So much for that humorous beast ‘syncretism’ and that laughable superstition of an idea: ganga-jamuni tehzeeb.

Only good Kuf’r is a dead Kuf’r – after the death of whom, his wife & kids can be enslaved by Islam.

So, so peaceful. Thanks!

7 Responses to “Oh yeah? So, did Islam save the Pyramids & Sphinx in Egypt? Hilarious!”

  1. Gopinath Varadharajan Says:

    “The galling issue is that, not many folks like to do ANY homework
    whatsoever on the opinions that they have.”
    Very true. Took couple of years to come out of “Iniya Jeyam Grip”, and other Grips. Not saying he is wrong etc., but to construct my own criticism – for understanding – took years of continuous cross boundary reading… . it is not that easy.. :) 99% of population dont have this luxury or effort, over which “Indian Emotion” plays a key role!!
    [ in future, this will be helpful to come out of your Grip as well :) :) if i could ever touch the # of books you read and refer ..]

    • Sir, am not saying you should or shouldn’t ‘get out of my grip’ – you never were under my thumb (nor did I want it that way) and never will I collect such trophies in the first place – this is because, I know for a fact that everyone has something called Agency – at various levels… honestly, In any case, I do not know anything about you at all. For all I know, you could be S. Ramakrishnan. (sorry, I scolded you)

      …but feel free to correct me when I going wrong, if you can, with evidence – knowing fully well that, this blog is always a two-way street.

      Also. Many folks like our Jeyamohan… they are sometimes not really villainous – they are not always the bad people; this is because, they do not even know that they are peddling unverified wares (and are driven only by their biases which are without an iota of truth) – but instead feel that, they are actually helping. They feel that they are being honest and truthful – and that they are very sincere about offering a valid social commentary etc. (am not questioning his intentions which are noble, may be)

      For example, the following from a recent post of Jeyamohan (https://www.jeyamohan.in/146390/) – in which, an otherwise reasonable bunch of pointers are marred by humour like the following:

      “அடுத்தகட்டமாகவே நாம் அரசைக் குற்றம்சாட்டவேண்டும். முதல் அலைக்குப்பின் அரசு ஆழ்ந்த மெத்தனத்திற்குச் சென்றது, அடுத்த அலையை எதிர்பார்த்துத் திட்டமிடவில்லை என்பது உண்மை. நிபுணர்கள் எச்சரித்திருந்தனர். ஆனால் எந்தத்துறையிலும் மைய அரசு நிபுணர்களை கலந்தாலோசிப்பதோ, அவர்களின் கூற்றை ஏற்றுச் செயல்படுவதோ இல்லை. முழுக்கமுழுக்க முச்சந்தி அரசியல்வாதிகளாகவே மைய அரசின் பொறுப்பிலிருப்பவர்கள் நடந்து கொள்கிறார்கள்.”

      Does he know anything about what he is pontificating here? (I know, from personal accounts that – the above is a COMPLETELY fake/incorrect narrative)

      I only pity Jeyamohan types – which is another way of saying, “I am full of bottomless contempt for him.”

      However. YMMV.

      To the extent possible, my points are not merely emotional – but please do feel free to get out of ‘my grip’ also.

      One important relief that I have is that I am not a professional commentator/critique. My life does NOT depend on the image that I create out of this blog or twitter. I have other revenue sources and many other interests. Of course, a very low readership helps too.

      Thanks, be around, till you get out of ‘my grip.’ :-)

  2. dagalti Says:

    Let me proffer another homework-less theory:

    The civilisation of the Pyramids does not exist today, so the urge to deface/erase out a remnants of a non-competing civilisation may have been relatively – அதாவது, relatively – muted.

    Whereas Buddhism exists today- even if not in Afganistan. So an assertion of complete authority via explosive iconoclasm, was warranted.

    • Sir, the original Civilization of Palmyra (++) does not exist today. It was a city of ancient Semites, Mesopotamians later Assyrians, Greeco-romans et al. On the way, from the ancient times – at least once, it was destructed IIRC during roman times in the first few centuries. But then, after those depredations, the City kinda continued & limped on till 2015 or so – but there was NO continuation of the first Civilizations.

      Since. the whole area there was all taken over by that most virulent desert cult.

      Therefore, those civilizations/remnants did not exist in 2015 CE too.

      But Islamic State /ISIS destroyed important parts of it, starting 2015, actually much of Palmyra. ISIS also used the arenas there for summary executions etc. Halaal cuttings, actually.

      How would you explain this?

      • dagalti Says:

        Point taken.
        It was mindless savagery.

        நான் என்னிக்காவது ஒரு நாள் போய் பார்க்குற வரைக்கும் Petraவை மிச்சம் வைச்சா சரி :-/

      • Sir, Petra is in Jordan – a little bit ‘enlightened.’ place, if I may say so. That too, IIRC it is close to the border of Israel. So, for a variety of reasons, I think it should be okay.

        (It is not that there are no good folks, there are many – but most of them are under the thumb of retrads there, sad)

        Having said that, I think Petra is the original ‘Mecca.’ Many good researchers have worked on it. And of course, you may already know that the most of Islam is a total fabrication, or at best borrowed liberally from biblical tales, old testament etc and local folksy ones – with lotsa additions of O deer. O honey + possibly drug aided hallucinations of the gent.


      • dagalti Says:

        Oh ok.
        An ex-colleague traveled to Petra and said there was some sort of alert at that time, increased checking around the time of his visit due to some ISIS related skirmishes elsewhere in Jordan. I think it was around the time when ISIS on the erasure rampage in the areas in their control.

        /you may already know/
        I am not surprised but then I am quite unfamiliar with the text and lore contained in it first of all.
        I’ve tried 2-3 times at various stages of maturity(!) and given up.

        Whereas the Old and New Testaments are fairly intelligible and in many places quite appealing (particularly when read in Tamil), I have not been able to penetrate this text. இத்தனைக்கும் I tried with the famed Yusuf Ali translation, which is supposed to be the definitive one.

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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