Young Turks(!) Vs Young Indians – some notes

March 12, 2018

Let us please understand one thing. ‘India Today Group’ is also a scumbag media house, but it is not SO bad as the ‘The Hindu,’  NDTV and ‘Times of India’ kind of whorehouses. But it is bad enough. Sorry.

Anyway, the much bandied and bandicooted about ‘India Today CONclave 2018’ happening in Mumbai – on 10th March2018 had a session ‘Young Turks’ that had ‘Young Turks‘ Snehla Rashid, Hardik Patel and Kanhaiya Kumar on the oneside and ‘Young Indians‘ Rohit Chahal and Shubhrastha on the other side. Indifferent and therefore ‘professional’ journalist Rahul Kanwal did a mediocre job of anchoring the session, as usual.

Full video of the session in the page – duration is some 55 mins. Don’t waste too much time on it, excepting those few minutes during which young Shubhrastha is talking sensibly, courageously, lucidly & with conviction. Rohit was also talking sense, amidst the din. Thanks!

Oh well.


That these Young Turks are so full of themselves with an arrogant sense of self-aggrandizing entitlement, that they are eating and belching off the taxpayers’ money, that they are not AT ALL focussed on education of any sort, that they are at best lumpens amply encouraged by the breaking-india forces, that they are beneficiaries of dirty deals, that they are rightsONLYdutiesNOwallahs – are all besides the point.

But, let us focus on how APTLY they befit the moniker ‘Young Turks.’ And, I would think that India Today guys were NOT entirely clueless, when they called the session after the YTs.


Late 1800s & early 1900s. Turkey was then being ruled by a despotic monarch – and with remnants of the oppressive Islamic Caliphate structures, propping up the sultanate. As part of the alleged ‘aspirations’ of the Turkish people to bring in some ‘constitutional democracy,’ this ‘Young Turks’ movement/party was started in the early 1900s by a bunch of students, some exiles and a few disgruntled/extinguished government officers.

By 1908 the YTs had toppled the sultanate and setup their own shop in the government. Though they initially started off with reforms (like our own adolescent YT Arvind Kejriwal) their basic scumbaggishness soon began to show its true colours.

By 1911 the bickering and hunger for power among YTs became so exacerbated that, they split. From the parent group called CUP (Committee for Union & Progress) a big chunk split called FAP (Freedom and Action (or was that Accord?) Party). in 1912 elections, CUP rigged them like totally, FAP therefore went for armed uprising against CUP. And after some assassinations and an added bonus of a military coup, CUP gangmembers almost decimated FAP leadership and therefore became very youngish and more powerful YTs. Thanks.

From 1913 to 1918 – the ‘Three Pashas’ of CUP YTs reigned supreme and did very many totally negative things, including many illustrious atrocities. More thanks.

Of these scumbaggy things, FOUR stand out.

1. The YTs signed a treaty with Germans (‘Ottoman-German’ Treaty, 1914) becoming part of Central Powers, ushering in a new era of cooperation between warmongers. This happened right after the starting of WorldWar-I.

2. The YTs carried out the utterly shameful Armenian Genocide – from 1915, and by 1923 managed to MURDER about 15 lakh (15, 00, 000!) Armenian Christians! (this case of Jihad was the example for the later day Caliph from Germany – Adolf Hitler, to do his own Jihad against the Jews and others)

3. YTs also carried out Greek Genocide between 1913-22 – thereby finishing off, about 7.5 lakhs (750, 000!) of Greek Christians based in Turkey and occupied lands.

4. Between 1914-2O, YTs carried out the Assyrian Genocide – killing about 3 lakh Christian/’infidels. (300, 000!)

All thru these shameful deeds, massacres – children were killed, women were raped and sold in to slavery… The Young Turk days were the DARKEST days at that point of time… (why, even now!)

The result of this YT hoary past is that – NOW, Erdogan, an Yet Another YT, is indulging in the Genocide of Kurds! Utterly dastardly and exponentially MORE scumbaggish. Thanks.

Now, you know what these Young Turks were all upto and what they have finally achieved – and are continuing to achieve – mainly: islamist fanatacism, genocide and lumpenization of the population.


Of course – Snehla Rashid, Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakor, Jignesh Mevani, Kanhaniah Kumar et al – are ALL Young Turks. India Today has actually certified them. Thanks.

And, with all the frenzied backing of the mainstream media scumbags, congressi helping hands, support of the public intellectuals, admiration of the liberal-leftists, tacit support from other ‘anti bharat’ forces like islamists (sorry, islamthva) and evangelicals (sorry, christhva) scoundrels – they can only grow, unless we can ahimsaically use some pest control methods.

If left unchecked, I mean unchecked Left– these lumpen vermin will be generalissimos in-charge of unlettered lumpens across India, presiding over mass killings, deportations, desacralization of national symbols and defoliation of Indic heritage, or humanity, if you will.

As Young TURKs – and even otherwise, they are FULLY capable of enormous mayhem.

…Down with meaningless protestwallahs! (Especially those despicable scumbag student rowdies from JNU, TISS and the like)

All power to Young Indians – like Shubhrastha… May they rise and shine.


PostScriptum: It is really unfortunate that, the great leaders like Chandrashekar (of Ballia, later day PM) and Mohan Dharia (of Pune, who later became a union minister) and Krishna Kant (later day VP) were also called Young Turks and repeatedly referred to as so, because they opposed the tyranny of Congressi Indira Gandhi. :-( Of course, but then, our mediocre media houses mostly NEVER know anything reasonable in History nor have they even been blessed with a working, logical brain. So.

PostPostScriptum: Beware the dastardly Young Turks, especially from India!

11 Responses to “Young Turks(!) Vs Young Indians – some notes”

  1. Comparison of YT of India Today Group with original YTs is a stretch. Original YTs wanted to drag Ottomon Turkish Empire into 20th Century which they viewed as too medieval in it’s aspirations. Eventual abolition of the OT caliphate , overthrow of Sharia , writing Turkish in Latin script, removal of hijab for women, etc are the culmination of YT program. All these needed complete break with the Islamic past – at the political level – of Turkey. Till the rise of Erdogan , this secular Ataturk legacy was held . With Erdogan, Turkey is halfway between Caliphate and Ataturk.

    The YTs certified by Indian Today don’t have any revolutionary agenda. Like the dravidian parties, they will play on casteist feelings, promote them and profit by them stealthily under a smokescreen of ‘progressive’ slogans. Dishonesty is the second name of Dravidan movement or the wannabee YTs

  2. Even though Ataturk was not part of YT, many of the YT programs were fulfilled by Ataturk. Turkey was dragged into 20th century. But the YTs were responsible for taking Turkey WW1 and attendant massacres.
    Ironically 100 years back, Turksish state used Kurds to commit atrocities against Armenians – for the last 50 years it is the turn of the Kurds to suffer the slings of outrageous fate. It is a measure of Islamic world’s failure and incapacity that Kurds , who constitute the 4th biggest ethnic group – after Arabs, Persians and Turks – have been treated shabbily by the other three.

    • Sir, what I was point out (or trying to do) were:

      1. All the revolutionaries – either ‘modernizers’ or ‘JNU kind’ are essentially scumbags. No awareness of complexities, at best.

      2. Had followed rather religiously, the developments in Turkey. Sir, I do not see the things the way you do. Both YTs and iYTs are scumbags – in the long and short run.

      3. YTs were merely turkifiers of the area.

      4. Their CALCULATED massacres of various groups of people is their MAJOR act – and this collecitivization of hate and focussing it towards certain people was what was responsible for the ‘modernization’

      5. True that some Kurd tribes were used by Turks to indulge in genocide – but this was the case of Assyrians and the property and watersharing disputes were fanned by Turks for that. I am certainly not an apologist for them. But I know from personal experience that, Kurds – the educated ones at that – are aware of it and regret this blotch.

      6. I believe that when it comes to communists and ‘revolutionaries’ only a spelling mistake separates programs and pogroms. Very true of desi communists and liberals.

      It is a pleasure to get reasoned/knowledgeable comments from folks like you. Please do continue, if it is okay with you.

  3. And again, IMHO there was NEVER a complete break between the so called ‘islamic past’ and the modern age. All YTs and their legacy succeeded were in consolidating various turkic tribes against their commonly hated targets and frothing up a ‘turkish’ national identity.

    If YTs had done so many ground breaking, longterm things why would you think it is so easy now for turkey to continue to become hardened islamo-fascists?


    Thanks for agreeing to the effect that TISS, JNU type protestwallah students are scumbags.

  4. True , Ottoman Turkish Empire was built on massacres and this continued to the 20th century . But, OTE was not unique in this. During the 20th century all European Powers did incalculable genocide and massacres in Africa and Asia , starting with Britain. The 20 century started with the British empire rounded up Boers , about 200000 of them mostly children and women , in Concentration Camps – the official name for it. More than half of them died. Now the western countries swear by Human Rights and want the rest of the world to stand by their standards of human rights

    What Ataturk did was a big deal .

    Why Islamization is spreading across Muslim world is big topic- and that includes Turkey. To put it in a nutshell , Muslims have tried with Nationalism, Socialism , Communism, Modernization , Westernization and all ideologies 19th and 20th century could offer them. They have failed in every undertaking and so the call of Islamic medievelism is getting louder and persistent . It is a primal force , cannot easily be argued out and suppressed. Tactically , only dictatorships in west asian countries held Islamic fundamentalism in check. But these dictators have been undercut by western insistence on democracy with one-man , one-vote , even while making use of these dictators for commercial or strategic purposes whenever it suited them. That is what happened in Turkey. The Military rule was the guarantor of secularism in Turkey , but they have been undermined by democracy. Erdogan, has cleverly maneuvered as a democrat and cynically used and he has made Turkish military toothless as a political force. In fact his recent purges of military – and others – have thrown out Ataturk’s secular legacy for all practical purposes. Over 15 years he has consistently purged military of any officers with real, imaginary or suspected political ideas or ideas of how Turkey should be run.

    Actually Turkey is on par with Pakistan now . Turkey started as a Military dictatorship and now on the way to islamic , jihadist state with no compunctions about using terrorism as a state policy . Pakistan started as a democratic state and very soon taken over by military who have used Islamism as a state policy.

    Erdogan has covertly assisted IS , and now has no inhibition about using Al-queda to fight Kurds.

    Islamization is a big topic , akin to Jungian concept of takeover by Archetype. West’s instance on democracy, world’s dependence on oil from Wahabi and Mulla countries who have poured billions of $$$ to spread medievalism, the the fundamentalists strategic alliances with any international force which will further their cause have all given Islamic fundamentalism a lease of life.

    India cannot afford to take Western pretensions of human rights and democracy at face value , which will only accommodate Islamic fundamentalism.

  5. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    Let people like John Dayal read your blog and understand the past history. Though YTs are so terrible genocide pioneers, they are in a way like our JNU/IIT-K scumbags only. After reading this blog, I am now wondering as to “Why Mahatma Gandhiji supported this Ottoman People” in 1930s?

    • In fact sir, this support of Bapuji towards bringing back the turkic caliphate is one thing that I am not able to understand clearly. He was a well meaning person, and perhaps merely wanted to rally muslims in India towards nationalism and freedom, thusly? Dunno.

      • RC Says:

        அன்பு அய்யா,

        கிலாஃ பத் இயக்கம் தொடர்பாக இரு சுட்டிகளை இணைக்கிறேன். வேறெங்கிருந்து ஆசானிடமிருந்து தான் :-)
        அந்தச் சுட்டிகளில் எழுதிய [ஜெ, அருணகிரி மற்றும் அரவிந்தன் நீலகண்டன்] அனைவரும் தத்தம் கருத்தை தெளிவாக எடுத்து வைத்த ஞாபகம் இருந்ததால் பகிரத் தோன்றியது.



  6. Gandhi’s -and Congress – support to Khilafat was part opportunism (i.e. appease Indian Muslim leaders) , part short-sightedness and part ignorance. Congress support to most regressive Islamic aspiration like Khilafat did them no favours in the 1930s and 1940s . If it had worked by Hindu-Muslim unity, that policy could have been applauded , it was not to be, except a short-term cynical alliance. Whoever allied themselves with or supported fundamentalist islamic movements like Khilafat have ended up worse off – that list is long . That includes the US support for Afghan Mujahideen in the 1970s and 1980s , whom the US is fighting now at a great cost.

  7. Erdogan’s hobnobbing with Islamist groups like Al-queda or ISIS or Al-Nusra will also blow up on his face sooner or later. Slowly, from a stable country , Turkey is walking into Middle-east mess withErdogan

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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