‘no country for old men’

August 2, 2021

…also, NO publicity, metrics, engagements, soundclouds, Internet customs, death & the like… apparently.

…One of my dear favorites, Cormac McCarthy tweeteth:

… this is what sets apart the men (who inhabit the world of great literature) from the boys (of the Tamil litter-ature, so-called). Oh well.


Carmac’s quip about the ‘assumption’ reminds me of the surprise (bordering on mortal horror) of an old acquaintance, when he realized that I had re-started writing in Tamil (or whatever that passed for it), after a lapse (or rather a self-imposed restraint or peevishness, if you will) of 20 years, in 2011.

“So, you are not dead!”

I do not think he was happy about this tragic development, I do not blame him though.

(not that I am anywhere close to the greats or even pretend to write seriously, anyway – though the ‘bar’ for avant-garde(!), modern(!!) tamil(!!!) literature(!!!!) is oh so underwhelmingly low)


FWIW, ICYMI – my obit for myself: ‘ஒத்திசைவு’ வெ. ராமசாமி ஒழிந்தார்! 27/10/2016

4 Responses to “‘no country for old men’”

  1. seethayv Says:

    Ok this one is a ‘venting ‘ session for me.

    If you think there is no country for old men, think again.No, no feminism here.Just my frustration.

    I do farming not perfect but not stupid either, try various water saving techniques, learn new interventions in farming, I drive, I do medical consult , run a home with few adults living in .

    Years ago when drones were just being mentioned wrote a piece of note to myself in Facebook( no body reads/read) how drones can be put to medical use . When I bought my first macbook about 13 years ago someone said’oh it is a different Operating system’ but I didnt feel any different coz I dont know the nitty gritty of computing so had no mind block in adapting quickly.

    About four years ago managed to go back to Australia despite a long break and survived since I can type with all my ten fingers on all over keyboard.( Paperless documentation has hampered some Senior doctors in keeping their jobs).Yet ,Yet I am treated as an airhead because of my age .I feel like screaming ,’it is not me who has airlock ,it is you idiot with airlock in your empty skull ‘. This ageism is universal BTW.White ,brown ,black all same same .

    I feel i should get cosmetic surgery done so I will be seen before heard.

    Ok now I can breathe not fume.


  2. seethayv Says:

    Oh forgot to mention, we have a young male attending to my father who thinks he is Tesla.

    For one inch pipe he tells me the coupling is also one inch.Me trying to show with a scale that it cannt be so ,it is a figure of speech didnt cut ice.

    • Welcome back. Hope the pent-up-pressure-release helped.

      The world is oh so full of dunning-kruger specimens, but luckily there are quite a few exceptions too. Thank bleddy god for small mercies.

      Perhaps the key to not cracking up – is to be able to identify a few of them, stick to them, cultivate them, be useful to them – all for the sake of sanity and sahrudhayata, if you will. Probably the effort is worth the trouble.

      Take care.

      There, I said it all. (for now)

      Me, the man who likes to nuke too much and hence has already cracked up.

  3. SS Says:

    //I do not know what that means nor do I care to spend any more time on the internet learning its customs//

    Anyone who happens to say anything remotely related to the statement above will inevitably be branded as ‘perusu’ and/or a ‘boomer’ these days – irrespective of their age – by the ‘know it all internet jeevis’ of course.

    And yes, if one has no digital footprint on the n number of ‘social media’ platforms, then he/she is as good as dead.

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