murder by mnemonic :-(

June 18, 2013

(OR) the mnemonic plague!

Oh well,  (just in case you were wondering what the hell this is!) a mnemonic is a device or a clever way of memorizing or recollecting a set of facts; like, for example – we use the rather sad mnemonic VIBGYOR to ‘remember’ & ‘recollect’ the names of various colours that make up the visible light / spectrum – in terms of their increasing wavelengths – that is, Violet, Indigo … … Red.

… Well, I have always known that mnemonics were an useful idea – especially from the times of Sir B B Roy, to whom many a budding electronics enthusiast like yours truly was eternally grateful.

But, OhMyMaterCoitussingGAWD! What the world has come to! O tempora! O mores!!

A few children here (I am with a rural school in Tamilnadu now – of course I am NOT talking about my Bangalore school) that go to other schools have these cutesy ways of mnemonics.

The children love it, their teachers swear by it – and I swear at them, of course…

Ohm’s law: The mnemonic to remember this is Iyer = Vegetarian! (apparently iyers – a sub-sub-sub tamil jaati of the WilliamJonesish brahmin varna are generally supposed to be vegetarians – this is a well known ‘fact’ in Tamilnadu; Iyer has to be interpreted as IR with I standing for current and R standing for resistance; vegetarian simply stands for V. So, ta da  –  V = IR!)

Fleming’s ‘left hand’ rule for motors:

F  —    M

M  —    C

T  —    F

F = Forefinger (also Fleming). M = Middle finger. T = Thumb. M = Mutton. C = Chicken. F = Fish. Apparently this order is easy to remember because Mutton is the costliest, Chicken comes next and Fish is el cheapo! M also stands for Magenetic force, C for Current and F for Force (perhaps to be interpreted as the direction of physical motion)!

Don’t I rudely and crudely want to show my finger at these teachers!! &*^%$(!

Acceleration = Rate of change of velocity. Just remember AVT – a locally famous brand of Tea (I think it stands for AV Thomas or something)’ A stands for acceleration, V for velocity and T for time!


Ultimately, it is all about whining and winning I suppose, in the painful path to the illustrious end called ‘Board Exam.’ Sheesh!

… and oh well, victor bene valeas qui bene futuis. Ha haa! (Want some help tp decipher this?)

PostScript: All the rest of you who are snooty and consider it beneath your dignity to use such gory mnemonics to memorize simple stuff – can please go copulate with the nearest available bovine… (but you will have to stand behind me – SILLY, not for that, can’t you see that there is a queue?)

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