bangalore maker faire 2017 (+suggestion for protests)

November 16, 2017

Let the DiY and EiY bug bite you.

Indulge. It is FREE, like TOTALLY.

It is unfortunate that there is no significant publicity for the event. At least nothing is apparent to me – though I am also a parent.

Anyway, I strongly urge at least those 2 (those who live in Bangalore) of the grand total of an incredible number of 7.5 regular readers of this blog, to visit this fair.

Do encourage your neighbourhood kids of all ages (say, from 5 to 100+) to visit it and soak in the experience. There are some 40 free workshops spread throughout the two days. FREE again.


Professional Protesters are also encouraged to protest against this event, as this gathering may or just might result in some tangible ‘development’ of Indusland.

O the horror, the horror.

Well, there may not be a huge ‘development’ – but we professional protestwallahs do know that, alarming and positive developments like this have to be squelched in the bud. Yes.

Tick whichever is applicable and start protesting against this bourgeoisie tendencies.

  • It is a vast right wing conspiracy! Mommeeeee!!
  • Capitalists and Crapporates are glorifying individualism!
  • Of what use is it for the public?
  • Technology is ONLY for the privileged!
  • Oh NO! This is an yet-another traffic-jam creator!
  • We need better roads in bangalore, and not silly maker fairs!
  • Is this helpful for tribals from the hinterlands?
  • Neutrino is bad for health!
  • Maker Faire?? grrr…. What is your stand on GLOBAL warming and Climate CHANGE?
  • How come there is no stall named after #I am Gaur?
  • There is NOTHING subaltern in the event!
  • Where and how are the MINORITIES represented in the fair? It is very UNfair!
  • Where are the underrepresented and underprivileged? What is in it for them?
  • How come the name of the fair is NOT in Kannada? Like ‘Make Maadi, Shwalpa Adjust Maadi‘??

So comrades and humanrightswallahs… DON’T delay any further.

Pack your placards. Design some slogans.

Gather in strength. There is no time to waste.

The number of protesters has to be LARGER than the number of visitors to the fair.

(psst, is there any celebrity endorsement of the protest event? What are the learned opinions of Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj and TM Krishna on the event?)


2 Responses to “bangalore maker faire 2017 (+suggestion for protests)”

  1. Jayaram Says:

    Raam, thumbaaa thanks..

  2. ‘Make Maadi, Shwalpa Adjust Maadi‘?? :-D

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