Dravidian Disclessia… proudly marching on to Dicklessia!

April 11, 2014

The first part of this offending two-part series is at: Dravidian Progress: From Dyslexia to Disclessia and then… proudly marching on to Dicklessia! (part 1/2)

In the previous post, it was kind of  ‘proved’ that the dastardly & Dyslexic  Dravidian Leadership has plunged our dear Tamilnadu  into a veritable educational and educative stellar mess.

But moronicities have a momentum of their own – they don’t just stop; they don’t just say enough & exit. They follow a delectable downward spiral. Therefore… this is the second & final part of my illustrious thesis —  ‘Subaltern Studies in Dravidian Regress!’™ ;-)

And so.


Then came DisclessiaAha!

disklessia \disk*les”i*a\ (d[i^]sk*l[e^]ss”[-e]*[.a]) n.
Any of the various backbone disorders caused by a damaged or a congenitally faulty structure, in a person claiming descent from the Dravidian idea, that constitutes a set of impaired discs, and causing an impairment of the ability to be bold, forthright or to be brave or to be just; to have a propensity to kowtow to perceived authorities; to randomly ingratiate oneself with the powers that be.

Usually, we human beings take pride in the fact that we have a functional Spine or a Backbone, if you will; what we call a backbone consists of a stacking of vertebral bones between which, there are discs, to provide the functionality of a bearing. Sometimes, there would be some malfunction involving the discs, and this impairs the proper functioning of the backbone. However, in the case of the effete  Dravidian leadership, these discs are entirely missing because of which – it lacks a functioning spine. Dravidian leadership is Spineless, period.

...but, I am talking about the reduced no of these discs or the sheer absence of them! Dravidian leadership is spineless, period  (from https://i0.wp.com/www.biblelife.org/spine-disc-problems.jpg)

…but, I am talking about the reduced no of these discs or the sheer absence of them! Dravidian leadership is spineless, period (from)

This results in stellar cowardice, inability to take affirmative action, great verbal retreats from the scenes of real action, lamentations, splendid desperation – the works.

The Disclessic Dravidian leadership, in spite of nearly 50 years of political power, in spite of more than 70 years of loudspeaker power,  in spite of its long avowed aim of ‘Social Justice’ – leave alone  ‘eradicating’ the jaati system – it has made the system’s worst aspects to gain more open virulence; one result of this is that, there are so many pureplay jaati based parties which have, among themselves mutual hatred and incredibly lovely animosity!

Sometimes, in my kind, inebriated and rather tender moments, I may politely say that the Disclessic Dravidians have done little for our Dalits.

But, the truth is that, the Dravidian leadership has been the worst offender in terms of Dalit repression, and these opperssors and offenders include one of its illustrious leaders –  ‘Periyar’ EVR.

Now, before you apologists of the Disclessics, pounce on me – See,  the multiple tongued  Dravidian leadership could not even take token  measures in its own ranks, to eradicate the veritable evil – then how can it even begin to address the issue at the scale of the larger society? Think, sires…

In fact, the position of Dalits in terms of many realistic social indicators (not the count of some random & irrelevant  inter-jaati marriages), has become more and more pathetic over the years of spineless misrule of the Disklessic Dravidians.  Leave alone the continuing & despicable two tumbler system — the segregation continues, the negative land (and other property) ownership patterns contiune, the refusal to give Dalits their due shares in political realms, land ownership & community management structures continue…

… All such negative indicators have flourished, rather happily. Dravidian leadership is at the forefront of oppressions even as it shamelessly pays lip service to ‘Social Justice’ and appeases the vociferous, rich and creamy layer Dalit leadership – in a left handed way!

Of course, one may say that all the prominent Dravidian parties acknowledge and accommodate the Dalit interests – but when you look at the numbers and intentions, they give a different, or rather an  indifferent  story… One may say that there is this resurgence business that is going on via VCK and other such movements. But look at how this movement was treated by DMK in the recent poll alliance and seat sharing discussions – this, in spite of all the shameful insults the VCK leadership had to put up with,  and the faithful  ‘errand boy’ role it played during all these years for DMK!

This Dravidian Disclessia extends to falling at the feet of other powerful rulers and political parties – because – the Disclessic Dravidian leadership is also endlessly corrupt; it is also terrified of getting caught and doing time in jail. The result is, the DD leadeship lies prostrate at the feet of central leaders, and licks their boos  – just so that its thieving ladies and gents are easily let off by the law enforcement bodies! This Disclessic leadership does not even have the basic courage of a local bandit – who can proudly face the consequences of his action.

To my knowledge, if you compare this group of scum with any other rent-seeking society anywhere in the world – one would realize that, the capabilities of thievery, bottomless corruption is stellar and is beyond compare, in our DD fellows – this in spite of their spineless  nature!

Sometimes, I seriously think (=hallucinate) – if only Rajaji and Kamaraj had worked together, all these scum would not have been able to make inroads and eventually end up looting the entire Tamilnadu – including its hoary past and great heritage… he DD leadership would not have been able to appropriate the whole range of symbols of the Tamil culture, for their own selfish and petty ends…

We would have then had, the best development story too! But then, one cannot really reverse history. :-(

Oh well.

… Getting back to our Heroes — to protect its rent-seeking fiefdoms, this leadership has sunk further, beyond the point of redemption to the next stage, which is eating up the very foundations of the tragic Tamil culture…


… and, finally, now we are in the age of the debilitating  Dicklessia! Ayyo!

dicklessia \dick*les”i*a\ (d[i^]k*l[e^]ss”[-e]*[.a]) n.
Any of the various disorders caused by a damaged or a congenitally faulty structure, that constitutes the male reproductive organ, otherwise known as the dick, in persons claiming descent from the Dravidian idea, and causing an impairment of their ability to be productive, creative and to be brave – or to create a propensity towards being sterile in thought and an impotency of ideas and action.

The above picutures are about occidental dicklessia (& decoration) - sponsored by the Catholic Establishment. But, I am talking about an invisible Dravidian version of this....

The above pictures are about occidental dicklessia (& decoration) – sponsored by the Catholic Establishment. But, I am talking about an invisible Dravidian version of this…. (pics taken from here and there)

Because of Dicklessia, and the fact that it has been rather busy looting,  the Dravidian Leadership has had no imagination, no forethought, no long march towards measurable progress!

Not, only that – our populations have been made sterile, and have been cheerfully castrated; these days, our Tamil population wants only Liquor and Films, that’s all! :-(

Take the case of any big significant project – has there been anything of the scale that the Congress party did manage to envision earlier – brought in by the Dicklessic Dravidians in all these nearly 50 years of misrule?

Of course, there have been a few smaller projects and schemes that have been implemented, but they have been brought about by an interplay of three things: 1) The ability of the project to pander to the rent-seeking, thieving urges of Dravidian leadership, 2) The availability of external funds and grants-in-aid 3) The ingenuity of the mercantile oriented and entrepreneurial jaatis.

Take the case of balanced development, take the cases of  sustainable, balanced industrial, agricultural and services growths… But for the demeaning and mediocrizing IT services growth, we do not seem to have made any inroads into anything – except in the cases of centre-pushed projects!

We have not been able to imaginatively solve the problems even with our neighbouring states; none of our neighbours are really happy with our dirty rhetoric – actually they do not respect our rent-seeking Dravidian leadership.

Take the case of our posturing DD fellows in the context of Srilankan Tamil issue.

The terrified and rent-seeking DD was actually afraid of the distinct possibility that – that mass murdering maniac LTTE Prabakaran would get its jugular and was endlessly pampering him. Later, dicklessic that the Dravidian leadership is, it was also afraid of doing anything real to prevent the killings of both LTTE and the Srilankan Government. But DD tends to talk tall, full of emotion and stuff – but when it comes to meaningful, concrete and affirmative action – it is all coitus interruptus; that’s all.

Net-net, thanks to the DD, Tamilnadu’s juvenile ruling class has no vigour. No spunk. No seeding of a thousand ideas. No walking the talk.

Only talking the talk. And, looting the loot.

Moral of the gory story

Dyslexic, Disclessic and Dicklessic Dravidian Leadership has become completely effete and hence should duly be consigned to the dustbins of history and promptly forgotten.


Thank GOD, Most of the Tamils are NOT Dravidians. They are only normal Tamils. And, they are sane. They are smart. They are deligent. They have their native genius to tap ideas from. Thank DEVIL


PostScript: When I used to discuss the aforesaid ideas with some apologists (=Dravidian Scholars) of the Dravidian Debauchery – I have always been told that, all the negative things of the Dravidian (bowel) movement are mere aberrations rather than the mainstream(!) praxis and that I  work on the positives.

All I can say to these folks is, I am trying sir, I am trying… I need some very powerful scanning tunnelling microscopes. I agree.

Post-PostScript: Dravidian Scholar – is another oxymoron.

திராவிட (எதிர்ப்)பக்கங்கள்…

3 Responses to “Dravidian Disclessia… proudly marching on to Dicklessia!”

  1. சரவணன் Says:

    /// these days, our Tamil population wants only Liquor and Films, that’s all! :-( ////

    /// And, they are sane. They are smart. They are deligent. They have their native genius to tap ideas from. ///

    So which one is that?? Make up your mind please!!

  2. சரவணன் Says:

    ஒன்றைக் கவனித்தீர்களா? பா.ஜ.க.- ஆர்.எஸ்.எஸ். வகையறாக்களைவிட திராவிட இயக்கத்திடம் நிச்சயம் சிந்தனை, அறிவியக்க செயல்பாடுகள் அதிகம். பா.ஜ.க. -ஆர்.எஸ்.எஸ் பற்றி, ஜெயமோகன் சொல்வதைப் பார்ப்போமா?


    **** இந்தியாவின் வலதுசாரி அமைப்பான பாரதியஜனதாக் கட்சியும் ஆர்.எஸ்.எஸ் அமைப்பும் அடிப்படையில் அறிவார்ந்த அடித்தளம் அற்றவை. வெறும் தொண்டர் அரசியல் கொண்டவை. அறிவார்ந்த செயல்பாடுகள் மேல் ஈடுபாடோ அறிவுஜீவிகள் மேல் மரியாதையோ அறிவியக்கம் பற்றிய நவீன நோக்கோ , கருத்துக்களில் விரிந்த பார்வையோ, அடிப்படைச் சமநிலையோ அவர்களுக்கு இல்லை. தங்கள் கோஷங்களை எதிரொலிப்பவர்களை மட்டுமே அவர்களால் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளமுடியும்.

    அத்துடன் அவர்களிடமிருக்கும் அறிவுப்புலம் என்பது மிகமிகப் பழைமையானது. பெரும்பாலும் பிராமண மேட்டிமைவாதம்தான் அது. அவர்கள் நாளை அதிகாரத்துக்கு வந்தால்கூட மிகப்பழைமையான நோக்குள்ள சில பிராமணர்களை கல்வியமைப்புகளில் கொண்டுசென்று நிறுவி அவர்களை உளறவிட்டு தங்களை கேலிக்குரியவர்களாக ஆக்கிக்கொள்வார்கள். இன்றையநிலையில் அதற்கப்பால் செல்ல அவர்களால் இயலாது *********

    இந்தக் கேவலத்துக்கு திராவிட இயக்கத்தினரின் அறிவியக்க செயல்பாடுகள் ஆயிரம் பங்கு மேல்!! பிராமண மேட்டிமைவாதத்தை முன்வைப்பதைவிட பிறப்பால் அனைவரும் சமம் என்பதைக் கருத்தளவிலாவது ஒப்புக்கொண்டு, அதை நோக்கி சிறிய முயற்சிகளையாவது செய்தவர்கள் மேலானவர்கள் அல்லவா?

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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