arun karuppaswamy (of IISc) fires a salvo…

July 4, 2013

This is a very fine essay titled ‘the six myths about engineering that you should know‘  – a MUST read for all the desperate & demon possessed parents, who want their children (most of whom, unfortunately & firmly are still tucked into the wombs of their mothers, reluctant to be born, very understandable too, given the helicopters) to become a dakkutor or an ingineeer or (god forbid) an IT goofball…

These parents want their wards to start preparing for IIT JEE (thru FightJEE, DieJEE, RamJEE, F**kJEE whatever) the moment the hapless children get delivered!

These parents obviously know that a valuable 9 months’ time has been completely squandered by their children, while they were rotting in the womb, doing nothing but floating around and generously kicking their mothers! grrr

And, these children grow up and eventually become ingineeers (without the ability to differentiate between nuts (not their  parents, sorry) and bolts) or combuter pogromers – if they don’t all become very busy serial killers, not a slim chance though!

Yes. The world is soon ending! Thank you.

And ah, here’s that fine article. May young Arun write more such stuff, demythologizing the sacred faiths.

The six myths about Engineering you should know
Arun Karuppaswamy 

In spite of my rabid, anti ‘The Hindu’ sentiment, I must admit that the newspaper continues to surprise me with gems such as these!

May the good work of Arun (and that of ‘The Hindu’) continue…

PostScript: I was in correspondence with young Arun for a while (a fine feller – maybe he has become Dr Karuppaswamy now!)  a few years back; his personal webpages are at:

JournalEntry# 16th June, 2010.

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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