Thanks, and am launching a new political party…

August 21, 2018

Folks, thanks for the offers and general-purpose kindness in response to my call-to-alms.

Now, for the good news!

Am delirious with happiness to report that – it has been conclusively proved that there has been a whole 100% increase in the readership of the blog, in under JUST six years! Amazing!!

Badri Seshadri may cheekily comment about the readership, but am glad to report that it has gone ALL the way upto 15 or so (= 2 X 7.5! FIFTEEN!!), based on these helpful comments and the direct emails that I have received. Thanks again.

And, now for even more good news. Alleluia!

Encouraged thusly, I am now seriously thinking about the dire need to start a political party, which we shall christen (or allahen, as the secular case may be) ‘Oram‘ – which will be about fringe politics (+hopefully, my Assaan CharuNivedita will be our ‘spiritual’ leader) – and will oppose the politics of Kamal Assan’s ‘Mayyam’ and its manifesto, as and when it becomes public.

Our party’s swan song will be this lovely Ilaiyaraja number: Oram Po.

I am in constant discussions with my well-wishers (who actually wish that I should hasten my fall into a well, a paazhum-kinaru, actually. Oh well!) about the party strategy, tactics, electoral alignments and which particular file that should I first ‘sign’ and dispose off – when I indeed become a CM of Tamilnadu – Or adhai vittu odu.


Now, more seriously – another request: please give me a little bit more time, I would get back to all of you (who have expressed some interest) directly over email, about the requirements of the School.

And, please pardon my mistake in “Thanks, all of you and others who have directly wrote to my mail id.” – wrote should have been written.

As a budding dravidian politico, am only too willing to correct all my mushtakes of the past, while actively preparing for the future mustaches.


All hail Oram!

Naalai Namadhe!

Naalai Marunaalum Namadhe!


12 Responses to “Thanks, and am launching a new political party…”

  1. Sridhar Tiruchendurai Says:

    Glad to know that you’re starting a party. A few years ago when Mr Kejriwal floated his party, I too floated a one member party – ZIP for Zynmedhaar Insaan Party. Thought of using Insaaniyat, but resisted doing so as it would attract secular people who aren’t Zynmedhaar. Then from a moron’s party, it would have become an oxymoron party.

    Would you accept a merger of my ZIP with your larger party?

    • Sir, you got me into a shell-shocked mode. You are insaan, man, insaanly great.

      I read the ‘merger of my ZIP’ and ‘your larger party’ as something related, something behind the zip scene and was momentarily horrified and then elated, and everything in between, including those between the lines, and beyond the party line.

      Oh that was a realy bawdy-line as Aussies did long back with their favorite incest – cricket.

      Anyway, I dont want to be a party anymore to this orgy, okay?

      Moron it later please! (Sooner than later, i will give you a merger offer anyway that you can’t refuse, a la corleone)

      Take scare and all the bust,


  2. Mohan Hariharan Says:

    I am following your articles and enjoy reading . However , sometimes I feel the ‘sarcasm ‘ is over done and looses its charm !

  3. jay673 Says:

    no wonder there were reports about increase in Interest rates a week back. Now i understand what prompted it :-p

  4. Swami Says:

    Looking forward to your email..

  5. தமிழகத்தின் தலையெழுத்தை நினைவில் கொண்டு கட்சிக்கு ‘ஒ.மு.க.’ என்று பெயர் வைக்கலாமோ? (ஒ= ஒத்திசைவு).

  6. Swami Says:

    Nature has only stopped me from being young, but not from being juvenile :)

மேற்கண்ட பதிவு (அல்லது பின்னூட்டங்கள்) குறித்து (விருப்பமிருந்தால்) உரையாடலாமே...

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