A case for shutting down TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

February 27, 2018

Enough is enough. If you really care for quality in Indian education, have a reasonable sense of fairness and basic ethics – would you please publicize this post?

I know this is a shameless request, but how I hate the enjoyment of mediocrity and dastardly thieving of taxpayers’ money – especially by the so called ‘social science’ and therefore ‘socially aware(!)’ students, whose jolly-good life is getting subsidized by the Indian Nation and Parents..

Tata Institute of Social Science students are MEDIOCRE and are mere Protestwallahs with an arrogant sense of entitlement. Since the stuDUDs anyway have closed the Main gate, TISS administration should seize the initiative and PERMANENTLY close it.  #tissbandh

Why shameful and wasteful Institutes like TISS, should down their shutters, permanently so?

1. TISS stuDUDs are LAZY (just like their ‘social(!) science(!!)’ counterparts from JNU, AMU and their ilk), believe in obstruction and hooliganism – and are not interested in either Learning or EARNING their money. Their work ethics are SO bad. Most of them spend their time in drug abuse and teacher abuse – that is, when their bodies are not merely doing time, while their brains (if any) are out taking a walk.

2. The kind of output (which will put horse manure to shame) ‘created’ by the TISS stuDUDS does not warrant ANY subsidizing of it by way of either Parents’ or Taxpayers’ money.

3. The way the ‘general students body’ feels responsible about the campus is evident from the way the stuDUDs keep it oh so clean, oh so tidy, oh so usable. All the TISS stuDUDs interested are about using the Internet bandwidth (provided at taxpayers’ cost) to surf porn and download films + eating subsidized food + and get ‘scholarships’ and fee concessions. And in the spare time, of course, they do ‘protests’ – wield placards, shout slogans – and belch noisily.

Thieving scumbags.

4. Barring very few cases of very reasonable success (which have happened IN SPITE OF these scumbag StuDUDs) in terms of research and action – there is NOTHING that is worth or any good coming from TISS. It is like, a TOTAL WASTE.

5. Prof Parasuraman, the exDirector who recently got out after making good contributions (hats off to him) – tried and tried and tried – but only a few good professors (who actually do significant work & slog it out) are there, rest all mostly leftist establishmentwallahs and lazy bozos. About the illustrious stuDUDs, the less is said, the better it is. After all, what do you expect from social science(!) stuDUDs?

6. I would ask, as a person who has observed the unbelievable mediocrity and limitless arrogant sense of entitlement of the typical/average TISS stuDUDs for a couple of years now – “Hey, why don’t you guys try to do at least a modicum of real & honest work, a pidly 5% of what is expected of you – and then clamour like chimpanzees for peanuts and entitlements?”

Send the useless protestwallah students back home or whatever hole they emerged from!

Clean the campuses off scumbag Bandicoots! (Both stuDUDs and faffing staff, that is!)

DEMAND quality and accountability!

Duties before Rights!!

Down with scumbag protestwallahs!

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