mir mukhtiar ali, folk singer from bikaner

December 4, 2013

Thanks to the incredible folks at the Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore and the Information Department, Government of Karnataka – we were able to go to a ‘sufi music concert’ of the rustic gent from Rajasthan – the preserver of the sufiana qualam from the Indo-Pakistan border.

His incredible voice (easily ranging well beyond 3 octaves)  along with a deep, wide repertoire (drawn from all over – amir khusro, mirabhai, kabir (of course, of course),  bulleh shah, hazarat shah bahu…) held all of us spellbound!

The accompaniments were a sarangi  (an inspired performance – begging, pleading, resounding, cajoling and at times authoritarian – sometimes leading, sometimes following, oh the soothing melancholy), tabla, dholak and a harmonium. Oh what a team! The energy and the stamina of the tablaichi and the dholak player were unbelievable.

Now, this is what fills me with hope – that, young (& prominent) musicians  these days not only have a well trained voice, but also a wide and deep repertoire – spanning genres, schools, thoughts…

… What a far cry from the rest of the professional world (especially the IT surreal world), where the abysmal & overpaid shallowness is the order of the day! I suppose, at some point of time in the future,  the IT professionals [sic], would indeed become professionals… Let me hope!

I should not lament. It was a very satisfying day. I would say that our time was well invested in the activity.

May the tribe of these delightful professionals such as Sri Ali,  increase!


JournalEntry# 10th April, 2010

postnote: since the above event, I have been fortunate enough to listen to Mir Mukhtiyar Ali live some five times! Each time, oh boy, DID he deliver on his promise.

I very strongly recommend this gent. We surely are living in excitingly ecstatic times, what else!

4 Responses to “mir mukhtiar ali, folk singer from bikaner”

  1. க்ருஷ்ணகுமார் Says:

    \\ His incredible voice (easily ranging well beyond 3 octaves) along with a deep, wide repertoire (drawn from all over – amir khusro, mirabhai, kabir (of course, of course), bulleh shah, hazarat shah bahu…) held all of us spellbound! \\

    the thristhayi majic is sort of god’s respect for the IP border musicians. The buland awaaz. rubbaa mere.

    Especially, the musicians across the border, still thriving to carry on their tradition against odds in an environment of Islamic conservatism. salaam un ustaadon ko.

    Recently I enjoyed the music of one mayada el hannavi (hope my spelling is ok) through the link shared in thinnai web site. Ana ana song. what a husky voice. wonderful music from syrian origin lady.

  2. க்ருஷ்ணகுமார் Says:

    sorry, it should have been god’s gift.

  3. bandhu Says:

    என்ன ஒரு அற்புதமான குரல்! youtube மூலம் இவர் மும்பையில் கபீர் பெஸ்டிவல் கச்சேரியை கேட்டேன்.. என்ன ஒரு தன்னடக்கம்! என்ன ஒரு அற்புதமான பாடல்கள்.. அறிமுகப்படுத்தியதற்கு நன்றி.. இதே கச்சேரியில் இவர் பாடிய பிலு ராக (என நினைக்கிறேன்) பாடல் நம் ஊர் சேஷகோபாலனின் இதே ராக மீரா பஜனை நினைவூட்டுகிறது!

  4. […] ஒருவர் ராஜஸ்தானின் பிகனீர் சார்ந்த மீர் முக்தியார் அலி. ஒருகாலத்தில் நான் […]

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