julia vinograd & bubbles

January 3, 2014

Dunno how popular, this poetess and bubblerina is, with the rather small group of readers (circa 100) of this web journal…practiceofthewildgarysnyderBut Julia (a student of the legendary Gary Snyder), IMO has written poems with effortless ease and incredible depth, even as she continued (continues?) to blow bubbles across Berkeley, to amuse children and to annoy ‘adults.’

Samples of her poems are available here and there on the web.


… Oh well. Every-time I chance upon something on www that I used to like/cherish loooong past and 1) had no hopes of actually getting to know more about or rereading or re-hearing or re-viewing or 2) generally given up on their availability etc … …  I am absolutely and rather deliriously stumped!

The Internet and its baby WWW are oh so cute. As Einstein said (slightly changed): We are truly living in marvellous times…

In fact, I have been making a huge list of things that I used to like or admire from the swirling mysterious mists of my past… … and am hell bent on eventually zeroing in on every one of them. Of course, there are some disappointments – such as North by Northwest (1959), what a damp squib and a laboured film that this is (terrible, terrible), and some nice moments, such as this unusual gem  from Hollywood – My Dinner with Andre (1981).

An interview of Dame Vinograd is here.

Sad that whenever I visited that Telegraph street in Berkeley, I could not get to meet the lady; but, this was more than 12 years back or so, when I was trying to do among others, some bit of heavy slog & due-diligence at a San Jose based company.

But then, all is fair in the game of life. what else. You miss some, you gain some.

’nuff said.

I strongly recommend Julia’s poems – especially the ‘Ginsberg.’

Of course, her poems do not have post-modernist or surreal or any other over or undertones (thankfully!) – they are just plain simple and lovely – and may be, just  may be, if you ever get a chance, visit The Bubblerina herself (and hopefully, she is still in circulation) and buy some of her tomes. :-)

JournalEntry# 15th November, 2008.

2 Responses to “julia vinograd & bubbles”

  1. jag673 Says:

    I loved the lines quoted below, from the poem titled “why people believe the holocaust never happened” read.

    “we should stop writing fairy-tales
    in history books.
    The truth is much more dangerous.
    What comic-book villains do
    ends when Spiderman kills them.
    What people do,
    people can do again.”

    Simple language and Powerful lines. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, ‘jag673,’

      Once in a while, I still meet with people who aver that THE Holocaust did NOT happen. In the misty vortices of my past, I have waged pitched battle with them – but I do not, anymore. Resistance is futile, of course thanks to Douglas Adams.

      Having quite a few very intimate friends both from Israel and Germany – knowing their terrifying past and repeatedly getting stunned into disbelief while listening to their narratives, I gasp at the thought of many ignorant & blinkered folks refusing to see light – and pretending NOT to see any dark either.

      Here is a metalink to a bunch of Aravindan Kannaiyan’s reflective and long posts in angrezi – touching upon this topic, among others:

      “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
      — Walt Kelly in Pogo.

      And any attempt at serious discussion in times of twitter and facebook — and incredibly short attention spans and oodles of idiocy – is a waste, as some of my ‘seasoned’ friends tell me.

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